I have *finally* finished uploading all my holiday photos to Flickr and that’s how many photos I took – 2,580. Well, I took a few more than that, but some were blurry or contained only the face of the random person who walked right in front of my camera as I tried to take a photo of something else, so I deleted those. So 2,580 useable photos. When you combine that with the 1,638 photos that my aunt took – well, that’s a lot of photos.

I don’t imagine you actually want to scroll through thousands of photos though, so I’m posting a few of my favourite ones here. And then I’ll write some blog postings about some of the stuff we did, and I’m sure I’ll put some of the photos in there too. And then I’ll stop flooding your social media streams with stuff about my holidays!

IMG_4674 IMG_4752 IMG_4789


IMG_5155 IMG_5244 IMG_5084 IMG_6011 IMG_6024 IMG_6482 IMG_4732 P8155925 P8155705 P8145378 P8145375 IMG_4814 IMG_5025 IMG_5038 IMG_5052 IMG_4073 IMG_4111 IMG_4130 IMG_6854


P8114295 P8093472 P8103636 P8103647 P8114001 P8093427 IMG_6750 IMG_6925 IMG_7026 IMG_7018

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  • Oh so THAT’S why you went to London! LOL

    Also, you’re right: no caption needed.

    Also also, I bet for you the Tardis really is bigger inside than outside.

    Thank you for putting together a list of highlights! 🙂


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