The Cliffs of Moher

One of my favourite things of all the things we did in Ireland was visiting the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. The photos just cannot do justice to the spectacular views of the 700 ft shear drop into the Atlantic Ocean. You really just have to go there to see if for yourself.

My mom and at at the Cliffs of Moher:


We were *very* glad we had jackets and scarfs – it was cold and windy!


Several people die every year by falling off the cliffs – some intentionally, and some because people ignore the signs that tell them of the extreme danger of hopping the fence to get right to the edge of the cliff. I’m generally one who likes to disobey what signs say (and take a picture of myself disobeying said sign), but in this case I decided that I didn’t really want to fall 700 ft to my death, so stayed safely on the right side of the fence.

This is Tina. She’s a harpist who had come to our hotel to perform for us the night before we went to the Cliffs, and then we saw her playing her harp and singing at the cliffs. She has an absolutely beautiful voice (here’s a YouTube video of her):


And the cliffs:



To give you a sense of scale, remember that the castle atop the cliff is a two-storey castle:


Like I said, the photos really do not do it justice. You should go there to see it for yourself. If you do, say “hi” to Tina for me!

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