Post-Travel Resolutions

Some resolutions for when I return from my travels1:

  • Henceforth, teaching money will become travel money. Since teaching is a supplementary job for me – and isn’t guaranteed from year to year – I budget based on my full-time job and anything I make through teaching is extra money. In previous years, I’ve used my teaching money for such extravagances as paying off my student loans faster, laser eye surgery, braces, and other fancy dentistry to make me look beautiful2. Now that I’ve caught a serious case of the travel bug, I think teaching money should be dedicated to fabulous vacations to places I’ve never been to before. Italy, Australia, Hawaii, Peru, Newfoundland – I’m looking in all of your directions!
  • Once I’m done my MBA, my next major learning adventure – because one should always be learning something new – should be French. I’ve long felt that as a citizen of a bilingual country, I really should be able to speak, read, and write at least passably in French. And I’ve long done absolutely nothing about it. Time to get of my butt in gear on that one. But also SCUBA I tried it once in a pool in the Dominican Republic for 5 mins. And I loved it. And haven’t done anything about it since!.
  • I shall, within a month of getting home, hang my damn diplomas from all of my degrees on my wall. They’ve been sitting on the floor near a wall where I think I’ll post them since forever and it’s kind of ridiculous. I figure I’ll be wanting to hang my new paintings that I’ve bought in Ireland and France, so why not just do a whole bunch of picture hanging?
  • Related to the above point, I will put a bunch of photos in my 8 photo picture frame that I’ve had since forever and hang that on the wall too. Because it’s on my 101 list and I will have ever so many photos from my trip to pick from and I’ll already be hanging stuff. Easy. Peasey.
  1. Note: This list was written while I was away, even though I’m posting it nearly a month after my return. Because apparently posting this posting was not one of my resolutions. []
  2. Omg, just now realizing that I don’t think I ever wrote a blog posting about the final stage of my cosmetic dentistry – i.e., the part when I was made to look beautiful instead of being a hideous creature that no human should lay eyes upon. []

9 Replies to “Post-Travel Resolutions”

  1. May I recommend Tahiti!!! You can kill two birds with one mind blowing tropical paradise. Scuba and French!! I have been and it is amazing, day trips to Bora Bora are affordable as well, just do not spend the night hotels are the GDP of small nations.

  2. And Virginia. Okay, I know we aren’t as exciting as Tahiti (oh, I bet the bird watching there is great!), but I could take you to Colonial Williamsburg, and the beach. We have a beach!

  3. I want to go to Tahiti with you. And Australia. Craig and I have been talking about going to Australia for Gay Mardi Gras for ages. Like 20 years nearly. So perhaps we should bring him along and do a huge trip? 😀

    Plus we can practice French together.

  4. @Stacy – Virginia, eh? I’ve never been there! And I do like beaches…

    @Kalev – Well, you are Australian, so you could show me around your country. I want to go to the part where there aren’t giant spiders walking around everywhere though!

  5. I think “Australia” technically means “land of giant spiders walking around everywhere” but I’ll try. Yes, it would be so much fun to show you around “my” country, that I know so well. 🙂

  6. Beth, I LOVE your resolutions. I think it’s a wonderful idea to use your teaching $$$ to go on adventures! I can attest that Italy, Hawaii, Australia, scuba diving and French-speaking are all awesome. If I end up moving somewhere fancy pants for my next postdoc, you should add me to your list….especially if it’s France! 3 birds with 1 stone.

    @Kalev – Paul and I went to Gay Mardi Gras in 2012. It was ridiculously awesome. You should definitely go.

  7. Oh and Beth, should you go to Australia, be sure to avoid the BioSciences building at USyd. A huntsman spider lives in the building. It was kind of our pet, never knew where it’d show up next and scare the bejessus out of you. Really. Google image hunstman spider. The size of a dinner plate. Oh, and they also keep redback spiders in the basement. Which can kill you. It was a terrific place to work.

  8. @Erika – I will add you to my list if you end up going somewhere fancy pants. And I will make to avoid the BioSciences building at USyd because omg are they insane??? Maybe I should just avoid all of USyd, just to be sure.

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