Apparently I Really Can Sleep Through Anything

So I woke up this morning, looked out the window and thought, “It sure is foggy this morning.” And then I got this text message from a coworker who was supposed to be coming over to my place to catch a ride with me to a meeting we were going to:

Text message

What? Crazy here? Hope my building is OK? I had no idea what she was talking about… until the news came on the radio and the top story was the huge fire that was blazing across the street from me!

As soon as I stepped out onto my balcony, I smelled campfire and I saw this:

Fire in New Westminster.

A bit later I saw some firefighters spraying down the buildings:

Fire in New Westminster.

Apparently a fire broke out in a building across the street and then there was a big *explosion* at about 4 am as some propane tanks blew up, fire shot up into the sky, and the whole building collapsed. And I didn’t hear a thing. That’s right – a building exploded outside my bedroom window and I slept right through. I know I’m pretty sound sleeper, but I think that’s surprising, even for me.

From what I read later in the news, they aren’t sure why the fire broke out, but it spread and now these lovely old heritage buildings are no more. Very sad for the neighbourhood, but thankfully no one was hurt.

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