What Should I Be For Halloween?

At my office we’ve been discussing whether we are going to dress up for Halloween1, which, of course, I’m highly in favour of. But, of course, this means I need to actually think of something to dress up as! I started a little brainstorming on the whiteboard I keep on my fridge, but none of these ideas are jumping out at me as the costume I want to make:

What should I be for Halloween?

Any ideas for a good work-appropriate costume for me?

In related news, there is a radio commercial for Value Village set to the tune of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop, where they sing about different possible Halloween costumes and it cracks me up every time I hear it. “You can be a duck. You can be a ref. You can be a duck that’s also a ref. Be a steampunk pickle or a zombie hotdog.” I don’t know why, but the phrase”steampunk pickle” makes my LOL every. single. time.

And, of course, I just Googled this commercial and the video version is on YouTube:

Steampunk pickle! LOL!

  1. One of my coworkers brought a bunch of decorations for our office, which means that everyone now has pictures of spiders on the hutches above their desks, which means that I’m now not able to talk to anyone near their desk. And I’m also threatening to work from home until November. And no it doesn’t matter that they are cartoon spiders! []

6 Replies to “What Should I Be For Halloween?”

  1. Zombie epidemiologist is awesome!

    But obviously you have to be a slutty doctor. But like a REAL doctor, not the fake kind of doctor you are that takes twice the time and triple the thinking to achieve. So that would be the costume part. And slutty because, well… it’s Hallowe’en. LOL

  2. @Aunt Eileen – Am I supposed to dress up as one pony or a pony and all their pony friends?

    @Heather – I know, right?

    @Kalev – I think you missed the “work-appropriate” part.

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