Half Marathon #9 – Oh So Fine

Half marathon #9 complete!

Here’s Alicia and I after the race:

Fall Classic Half Marathon 2013

If we look a little out of it, it’s only because we are. Thanks to the aforementioned not training enough, both of us wanted to puke. But we did it and our time was better than the last two halfs that I did, so that’s something. Official time: 2:17:25. Not great, but I’ll take it.

We also lucked up in that it turned out to be sunny instead of rainy. And the route was relatively flat, so that made me happy. And I saw fans holding up two signs I’d never seen before – one had a target on it and said “hit here for power up” and you could hit it as you went by. The other was a “1 Up” super mario mushroom. Both of those brought me much joy!

Also, another medal for me! Hooray!

Fall Classic Half Marathon 2013

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