Stuff Cats Like

My little furry house guests have gone home. I have to admit, it was pretty nice having those little furballs around the house – so cute and cuddly. And they didn’t even try to eat my frogs, so I’m seriously thinking that maybe I should get myself one.1

And now – gratuitous cat photos!

Cats like sitting in whatever chair you want to sit in:



And also curling up on your bed:


They also like making Facebook ads:


What can I say? She’s a nerdy cat.

They don’t like reading so much – though they do love to sit on whatever papers or books you want to read and then fall asleep:



They really like pillows:


And fireplaces:

UntitledIn conclusion, cats are lazy. And I want one.


  1. I’ll give it some more thought over the holidays – since I’m going to be away over Christmas, it doesn’t make any sense to get one now. []

3 Replies to “Stuff Cats Like”

  1. My cat sits on my lap when I’m at the computer and tries to “get” the cursor. It’s a little distracting but really, really funny. Get a cat!

  2. the pics are so cute. I feed 7 cats and clean their dishes at the barn everyday…. there is no way I want a cat at my house….. or a horse at my house…… they smell….lol
    I know people will say they do not smell but they do….lol enjoy the cats

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