An Eventful Weekend

So I posted for 29 of 30 days in National Blog Posting Month (missing the full completion only because of a technical glitch)… and then disappeared for a week. Typical. In my defence, I was finishing up all the course work for my MBA.

Yup, that’s right. I have now completed all the courses for my MBA, more than 4 months ahead of schedule!


This is, of course, assuming that I passed the exam I wrote yesterday, as well as the other course for which I haven’t yet received a grade. I’m feeling confident that I passed both, but I guess I should keep my fingers crossed just in case!

After my exam yesterday, I got a bunch of friends to come out for drinks at the Lamplighter. We had a pretty good time, despite the fact that their power was out when we first got there so there were no lights (except for a few candles and some emergency lighting), no food until we’d been there for hours (and I was starving1 ), and no heating – and, oh yeah, we are having a completely uncharacteristic cold snap for Vancouver, so it was about -10 degrees Celsius outside… and inside! Many thanks to all my friends who came out to celebrate with me – you are the best!

After a night of drinking, the best thing to do is get up early and run 10 km, so I did that this morning. There are very few things that can make me get up early on a Sunday, never mind to go running in -10 degree weather, but being a subject in someone’s Master’s thesis is one such thing.

After my run, I have a very much needed coffee and then met up with Airdrie for a pedicure!


In case you are wondering, sitting in massage chairs and having your feet pampered is kind of an amazing way to catch up with a friend! You know, in case you were wondering.

Before I left for my pedicure, my aging Macbook Pro was being a real bastard and she wasn’t any happier upon my return home. She’s been acting up for a while – refuses to connect to wifi2, freezing, and just generally being insanely slow. But with all the school craziness, I hadn’t had time to figure out what I wanted to get. I mean, I knew I wanted another Mac, but I wasn’t sure which one I wanted – an Air or a Pro? What size? How big? How fast?3 Well, I figured that since I didn’t have to do any homework today (squee!) I could do some research and consult some of my nerds, and I then headed off to the Apple Store to buy this:


I decided to go with the Pro because my laptop is my main computer, so the extra power will be useful. And I got the 13″ screen because, though I am a screen size queen, it’s an extra $1,000 for the 15″ screen and 2″ are just not worth that kind of money. I decided that I will check out Boxing Day sales and will probably be able to find a nice big monitor for my home office for when I’m working and a big screen TV that I can hook my computer up to when I’m using it in the living room for watchin’ my stories. I can probably get both of those things for the $1,000 that would have only bought me 2″ of laptop screen4.

Now my big question is: What should I name my new MacBook Pro? My previous one was named Chloe after the character in the TV show 24, my iPhone is Bellatrix (from Harry Potter) and my iPad is Emily (after Emily the Corpse Bride). So basically, I need name of a female character – extra points if it’s a character that has been played by Helena Bonham Carter5.

  1. I tend not to eat much before exams. My stomach is just not interest in having anything inside it in those situations! []
  2. Meaning I have to have her plugged into the modem like some of old timey computer and that she’s been useful to take to school or coffee shops and I can’t do wireless synch of my iPad and iPhone. []
  3. See also: men. []
  4. And that my friends, is an example of considering opportunity cost! See, I totally learned stuff in my MBA! []
  5. I’ve already used Marla (from Fight Club) and I’ve perused HBC’s filmography and none of the other character names jumped out at me, so I might have to go with a non-HBC character []

9 Replies to “An Eventful Weekend”

  1. Serena from Terminator Salvation?

    If you name the computer Katniss, I will throw it out a window. Might as well name it Bella. Or Beatrice (Divergent). Which of course would be too close to Bellatrix.

    How about Daria? Or Veronica? LOL

    1. I’ve never seen Terminator Salvation and I don’t even know what Divergent is. And Daria – no idea what that’s from. And as much as I did like the Hunger Games, Katniss doesn’t feel quite right.

  2. 1. HB-C plays the great and powerful Oz (-ish) in this season’s M&S Christmas Advert.

    2. I am highly disappointed that you missed a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to footnote a ‘that’s what she said’ after ‘2″ isn’t worth that kind of money.’ I will let it slide this time, owing to the post-MBA mental fatigue.

  3. How about Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd (or just Lovett). Dark character, likes to bake—also played by Helen B.C. in the movie adaptation.””

  4. some of HBC’s characters would still be your best bet (in keeping with your current names)
    Mrs. Lovett – Sweeney Todd
    Dr, Julia Hoffman – Dark Shadows (the Dr. would also be a nod to you my brainiac niece)
    Susan Ivey – Novacaine (also her first “odd” character she plays so well)
    Enid Blyton – Enid
    Elizabeth – Frankenstein
    Red Queen – Alice in Wonderland-did the she have a name aside from The Red Queen?

  5. Mrs. Lovett sounds too old for such a young laptop! None of the of the HBC resonate with me. Never watched NCIS, so that doesn’t work either.

    @Kalev – Why would I know an animated teenager?

    @Jen – I did intend that comment to be suggestive, but you are right that I missed the boat on pointing that out!

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