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Trip To The Aquarium

Toronto just got a new aquarium and my Aunt Lynn took us all there for my niece’s birthday1. I have to say – it was pretty cool. We got to pet a crab and a stingy ray and we saw all sorts of awesome fish – my favourite were, of course, the sharks. There were even places where you could go in a little dome so it felt like you were in the tank with the fish.

Here are some pics2!

  1. Earlier in the day, my mom asked my 2.5 year old nephew what kind of fish he thought we would see at the aquarium. His answer: sushi. []
  2. Props to Jeff, from whom I stole all the photos and videos []


We Can Rebuild It

I like when websites have fun “we are down” pages. I mean, if I’m going to be inconvenienced with the site being down, the least they can do is make me smile. Just saw this one when I went to enter today’s treadmill run into Runkeeper:

Runkeeper Down