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I get a lot of bac’n email, as I’m sure most people do. For the uninitiated, bac’n is sort of like spam, in that it’s email you probably don’t really want to read (or don’t want to read right away), but it’s not exactly spam because it’s stuff that you signed up for. Stuff like newsletters or promotions and suchlike. I have my Gmail set up so that most of my bac’n goes directly into a bac’n folder1, but it mostly just sits there and I never read it. So I’ve decided to go on a giant unsubscribe fest – I’m unsubscribing from all the newsletters that I don’t read anymore, notifications of promos that I never use and notifications from various LinkedIn groups.

The really handy thing about doing this around Christmas time is that everyone is sending holiday greetings to their email lists, so I just click the “unsubscribe” link so I’ll have much less cluttered email for 2014!

  1. Which I set up before Gmail set up its Priority Inbox. []

One Response to Unsubscribapalooza

  1. Kalev Hunt says:

    Unsubscribapalooza cannot hold a candle to The Unfriendening! LOL

    But Happy Unsubscribapalooza!

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