Biking Fail

To every yin there is a yang and the yin to my successful running year is the yang of my epic failure biking. I had grand plans of biking 500 km this year and I managed to fail that in spectacular fashion. I’d figured that between some fun bike rides and spending some time on the stationary bike in the exercise room in my building while reading textbooks, it would be easy-peasy. How wrong I was. As it turned out, I did most of my reading of textbooks on the Skytrain to and from work, so at home I was mostly writing stuff on my laptop, which isn’t conducive to stationary biking. And I really didn’t do very many bike rides just for fun. So my grand total of biking for the year ended up being a measly 83.5 km!! So unless I miraculously bike 416.5 km in the next three days, this one gets chalked up as the failingest fail that ever failed.

But I have grand plans about biking for the new year, so I have a feeling that I will vindicate myself in 2014!

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