Reviewing My Goals for 2013

2013 Goals Achieved(y/n) Comments
Lose the 15 lbs that I gained since starting my MBA N I’ve lost ~7 lbs, so that’s something.
Pay off my car. Y I’m now completely debt-free!
Run a sub-2 hour half marathon. N I didn’t even come close, but I did manage to reverse my trend of doing worse on each half marathon by actually improving my time on the ones this year, so at least I’m heading in the right direction!
Do 2 half marathons. Y Edge-to-Edge in June and Fall Classic in November.
Run 600 km. Y Boo-yah!
Bike 500 km. N Epic fail
Do 1,300 pushups. Y 107%!
Go on a fabulous vacation! Y England, Ireland, France, and Monaco. I’d say it was pretty fabulous!
Make 10 meals that I’ve never made before. Y Deliciously complete!
Redesign my blog Yes-ish I didn’t redesign this blog, but I did redesign my other blog. When I set the goal, I was thinking of NTBTWK, but technically my other blog is still *my* blog. I’m going to give myself a 0.5 on this one.
Knock 13 items off my 101 list of things to do in 1001 days Y 14, actually
Make $113,000. N Considering that I had no plan whatsoever as to how to make this one happen, this is not surprising. I did the same as last year income-wise (day job, teaching gig, scholarship) and started getting royalties on my textbook (which ended up being more than I thought, but not enough to make it to this goal). Now that I’m done classes, perhaps I should start looking around for some freelance stuff in 2014.
Publish 213 blog postings Y Including this one, I have 4 to go, but I know what they all are going to be about, it’s just a matter of writing them out. Should be able to do that between now and when I have to get ready to go out for the night if I hurry1!

So that’s 8.5/13 or 65%, which is much better than last year’s 44.5% or 2011’s 40%. So I’m improving! Of course, the point of these goals is to do some planning, set some targets that will be challenging, and other things happen along the way. Like, say, finishing my MBA classes more than four months early. And I’m OK with that!

  1. And if I don’t get all four done, I’ll write something hurriedly on my iPhone while I’m Skytraining to tonight’s festivities to hit my target []

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