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Red Shoes, Blue Shoes

When I got to the gym before work, I wear my gym clothes and running shoes on the way there and bring my shower stuff and my work clothes with me. Unfortunately, last Wednesday when I went to the gym before work, I remembered to pack everything… except my dress shoes. Which meant the only shoes I had were my runners, which didn’t exactly go with my dress pants:

Day 199

Luckily for me, I work in an office tower that’s attached to a mall. Usually, I hate malls with the fire of a thousand suns, but in this case, it turned out to be handy, as there’s a discount shoe store in said mall. So I popped on over there once the mall opened to fix this fashion faux pas. As luck would have it, they were having a “buy one, get one half price” sale. And so then I *had* to buy two pairs, because financial responsibility.

My first pair was the more practical of the two that I chose – an average heel height, thickish heel width and it even has a cushy insole:

Blue shoes


The lighting in that photo isn’t great, but the shoes are shiny and dark blue.

The second pair is the super sexy pair though:

Day 203

In related news, it’s challenging to take a photo of one’s shoes when you have a curious  cat in your apartment:

Red shoes and a kitty


Reflections from a Running Study Guinea Pig

Dday 189

After a run on a particularly rainy day. This was the shirt I was wearing *under* my rain jacket!

Today marked the last of the Sunday group runs for the running study (which is looking at if there are differences between males and females in overtraining injuries while training for a 10 km race) that I’ve been taking part in over the past 11 weeks. There are just three more training runs left until our 10 km “race”1. In this study, we’ve had 4 running sessions per week2 – one group run on Sundays, one track workout (which I’ve mostly done on a treadmill3, and two “easy” runs. Despite having been a runner for the past seven years, I don’t think I’ve ever consistently maintained a four day per week running schedule. I’ve also ended up doing *a lot* of my running on a treadmill, due to the fact that this has taken place in the winter, when it’s too dark to go running outside by myself before I leave for work and too dark by the time I get home from work. Luckily, I have a free gym at work so I’ve been going there three times per week before work to get my run in.

Since “reflection” is one of my themes for the year, I figured I’d take some time for few reflections on my experience as a guinea pig in a running study.

  • I really like getting in a workout before work. I feel so much more alert and ready to tackle the day after sweating it out at the gym. In the past, I’ve typically been a go-for-a-run-when-I-get-home-from-work kind of gal, but I’m starting to wonder if this before work thing isn’t what I should really be aiming for.
  • Another benefit of doing my workouts in the morning is that it forces me to be more organized.  I know that for me to have any chance to get to the gym early enough, I have to be able to roll out of bed and head out the door with minimal tasks in between, so I pack my bag – including everything I need for the gym4, my work clothes for the day, and my lunch – and layout my gym clothes before bed, so that I can just get up in the morning, throw on my gym clothes, grab my bag, and head out the door. I just don’t seem to be motivated to do that kind of prep if I’m not going to the gym in the morning, and then I end up either scrambling to get it all done or skipping things like making my lunch.
    Day 187

    After a run on the treadmill at the gym at work. I look happy because I was done running on the damn treadmill.

  • I hate treadmills. I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns. I like running when you can forget that you are running, because you are looking at the beautiful sights around you or chatting with your running partner. Staring at the clock counting down on the treadmill makes it seem to take an eternity and sucks the life out of me. I bring a towel and use it to cover up the time, but I *know* the time is counting down underneath the towel and I’m always tempted to look. Because there’s nothing else to look at! The gym I go to does have TVs, but they are quite far away so it’s difficult to read the closed captioning and there are only two TVs for the whole gym, so you don’t get a choice of what to watch. One week the TVs were broken such that the only channel they would play was showing Jerry Springer and it made me die a little inside every time I saw one woman punching another woman over some loser guy… which is about 97% of that show. I have been listening to audiobooks as I run on the treadmill and that’s helped make it doable, but just barely. This past week I actually went to the gym with a friend and she did the elliptical next to my treadmill and we chatted throughout the whole workout and it was over in no time at all.
  • I hate treadmills less when I’m doing intervals. As I mentioned, I did most of our track workouts on the treadmill and I actually found that when we had to do short intervals, like 2 minutes fast/2 minutes jogging or 400 m fast/400 m jogging, it was actually kind of fun, because it gave you something to do (turn the speed up and down) at fairly regular intervals, so you wear a bit distracted and watching the clock was useful as you frequently had to do something about the time, rather than just staring at it slowly ticking down. But nearer to the end of the training program the intervals got long (like 1600m or 2400m) and so it was back to feeling like just a regular long run (albeit at a faster pace) and I got bored again.
  • Day 178

    Heading out for a run on New Year’s Day in the new running jacket that my Uncle Harry and Aunt Arlene got me for Christmas!

  • I enjoy running with a running group. I’ve been wanting to join a running group for a while and, in fact, it was one of the things that drew me to participate in this study. I’ve never found a group that fit with my schedule before, so I’ve never done it until now. I really liked meeting up with other people who are into running, sharing tips about stretches and what races we are doing and other such fun things. As an added bonus, you get to meet new and interesting people and, as I mentioned, chatting with other people really makes the time go by that much quicker. Sadly, I didn’t meet any eligible bachelors (I was also hoping when I joined the study that there might be some), but perhaps there will be some in the next running group I join?
  • You often here that intrinsic motivators are better than extrinsic motivators, but I have to say that when it comes to running, I need my extrinsic motivators! I’ve long known that if I don’t have a race that I’m training for, I don’t run. It’s just too easy to not throw on my running gear and hit the pavement. I’ll think “I don’t know how long/far I should run today” and that will be enough of a barrier to stop me from going out at all. When I’m training for a race, I follow a training plan so that I don’t have to make any decisions about how long/far I need to run on a given day and I’m motivated by the fact that I have to be able to do a certain distance by a certain date! This study has taken it one step further in that not only do I have a training plan to follow, but I also have the extrinsic motivator that the scientists are depending on me to do all the training runs because science depends on it!
  • I really need to do more cross training. Since I’ve been going to the gym at work, I’ve been running into colleagues who go to the gym for the weights. And it’s gotten me thinking that once this running study is over, I should probably find a good weight training program to follow, because I’m doing all cardio, all the time. I’ve also been wanting to get back to yoga, as my muscles are pretty tight right now!
  • Being an athlete means doing laundry all the time. Running four times a week and playing hockey twice a week makes for a heck of a lot of laundry. I have lots of technical shirts from the various races I’ve done, but I only have a limited number of sports bras and running shorts, plus I only have one pair of shorts with a jill built in for playing hockey, so I’m really, really thankful that I have in-suite laundry.

So, in conclusion, being in this study has been great in that it’s really kickstarted my 2014 running at a much higher frequency than I’m used to, gotten me motivated to workout before work, and I’ve met some great people. A++, would science again.

  1. I put “race” in quotation marks because it’s a race that was created just for this study. []
  2. Except over the Christmas holidays, when it was just 2 runs per week. []
  3. Because the track group gets together out at UBC, which is way too far for me to want to go to on a weekday evening. []
  4. Water bottle, headphones, towel/soap/shampoo/conditioner, makeup/brush, etc. []


Hollywood Half Marathon, Here We Come!

Hollywood Half Marathon 2013     1 bThe flights and hotel are booked. The registration fees are paid. And in just 71 days, Alicia and I will be racing 21.1 km through the streets of Hollywood, California!

Neither of us have been to Hollywood before, so we are making a bit of a long weekend for ourselves. The race is on the Saturday of the first weekend of April at the unholy hour of 6 am (!)1, but then that does give us more time to do sightseeing that day!

The running study that I’m in is approaching its completion – there’s just over a week left until our training ends with a 10 km race, and I’ll be able to transition nicely from that training to my half marathon training. I’m hoping to keep up the momentum of the four runs per week that I’ve been doing. And I’m *really* hoping that the days will soon be long enough that there’s some daylight either before I go to work or after I get home from work so I can do more of my running outside and less on the treadmill. If there’s one thing that the running study participation has reminded me, it’s that I hate, with the fire of a thousand suns, running on a treadmill.

The Hollywood Half Marathon will be my 10th half marathon and my very first one outside of BC. Do you think it’s too much to ask for it also to be one where I set a personal best? Only time – and how dedicated I can stay to my training – will tell!

Image Credit: Posted by Dave Klukken on Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

  1. I guess they don’t want to have Hollywood Boulevard shut down for too long during the day. []


Rampant Consumerism

Apparently January is the month for me to buy all the things! In addition to buying two living creatures, I bought a bunch of electronics1.

You may recall that I recently bought a 13″ Macbook Pro because the 15″ one cost $1,000 more than the 13″ and “2″ are just not worth that kind of money2, with the intention of buying myself a big monitor for my office and a big TV, which can double as a computer monitor, for my living room. Well, a combination of Boxing Week sales and an unexpectedly large royalty cheque ((Unexpectedly large in that I wasn’t really expecting much, as I didn’t know how many classes had taken up our book.)) meant that I may have gone a wee bit crazy on the screenage.

First: a 55″ Panasonic TV for my living room:

My new TV

My new TV

Given that I haven’t had a TV in ages, this really feels like it dominants the living room. But holy crap is the picture quality amazing. It has built in “smart TV” features, so I can watch Netflix and Youtube directly through wifi, and it’s kind of neat to hook up my computer in the living room and be able to surf the net or send an email in extra large size!

Next: my computer monitors. Yes, monitors plural. Because there was a sale at Dell that meant that it was actually cheaper for me to buy two 24″ monitors than one 27″ monitor. So I did this:

My new home office setup.

The Macbook Pro, but apparently not the Air (from what I read), allows you to hook up two monitors *and* still use the laptop screen at the same time3. Because three is better than one. At least when it comes to screens.  I like to be able to see several things on the screen at one time – like if I’m marking a student’s assignment, I can have the assignment on one screen and the marking guide on the other screen4. Now that I have this set up, I’m really kicking myself for not getting it while I was still in school – it really would have made my life a lot easier!

  1. Incidentally, the living creatures were much less expensive than the gadgets. []
  2. That’s what she said! []
  3. When I was in Toronto at Christmas, I met up with my friend Jen at her office – she works in Finance – and got see the trading floor. It pretty much was just a bunch of desks that looked like this. []
  4. Or, you know, have 24″ of Twitter going on while I work! []


Meet Watson & Crick

Yesterday, I brought home my two little fuzzballs. Formerly known as Simon & Blue, I have renamed them Watson & Crick.


Props to my friend Steven who came up with these names1! For the uninitiated2, James Watson & Francis Crick are the scientists who figured out the double helix structure of DNA3.

When I went to pick up the kitties at their foster home, I was a bit worried that there would be a bit of a fight to get the them into their cat carriers because, to the best of my knowledge, cats generally don’t like being in those things. But when I got there, I put the carriers down on the ground, opened the doors and then cats walked right in, turned around and sat down. It was like they were saying, “OK, we are ready to go home with you!” The foster mom said it made her feel a lot better that they did that, as she too thought it would be a fight to put them in the carriers and that would be so sad! I thanked her for taking good care of the kitties for the past 5 months – and thanked her for opening her home to foster kitties  in general – they said their good-byes and then I headed home. The cats didn’t like the car ride – there was much mewling – but once we got home they seemed to settle in quite quickly.

Kitties!First, they checked out every inch of the apartment to make sure it was to their liking. It seemed to meet their approval, so then they set about deciding what their favourite spots are. A big hit early on was looking out the window:


Watson & Crick

Another favourite is any closet door that gets opened. They run right over to check out what’s inside. Even if they just checked it out 2 seconds before. They especially like this mirrored, sliding door because they can bang on it and get it slightly opened so that they can fit their paw in there and squish their way in. Then they can walk amongst my million and one pairs of shoes that I have in there.


After all their exploring, they decided that lounging on the couch and purple chair is pretty awesome.

This is Watson:


He likes to be pet and *loves* cat nip. One of my hockey teammates gave me a couple of cat nips balls that she knitted and when I brought them home, he lost his little kitty mind of them.

This is Crick:


She is very much a people cat and loves to follow me around the apartment to see what I’m doing. Because I might do something terribly exciting. She also *loves* the scratching post and being up in high places: my dresser, the headboard of my bed, for example. She’s also a fan of cat nip, as well as a toy that I got them that has a little yellow bird on the end of the string and the bird lights up when you bounce it on the string or when the cat bats it. She likes going to town on that bird.

Watson & Crick

I actually took more photos of them4 on my regular camera, but I can’t for the life of me find where I put it, so those photos are going to have to wait for another day. For now, I’m off to wind down the day with some kitty cuddles.

Update: I forgot to mention this before I hit “Publish”, but Watson & Crick have a Twitter account. Because Copernicus has one and I don’t want to be accused of playing favourites!

  1. Steven has a penchant for naming his pets after scientists – his cat is named Marie Curie, though he refers to her as Chub Chub []
  2. I was quite surprised when I started telling people their names, that many people haven’t heard of Watson & Crick. They are super famous in biology and I thought they were famous in general. I mean, maybe not Einstein or Newton level of famous, but I thought maybe Schrödinger or Heisenberg level. Apparently not however, as my non-biology friends (even people who are well versed in, say, physics) are not getting the reference. Usually they think Watson has something to do with Sherlock Holmes but can’t figure out where Crick comes from. []
  3. For the very interesting tale of how they did that, may I recommend James Watson’s book, The Double Helix? []
  4. I know, you are shocked, right? []


Froggies are a gateway pet

There comes a time in every woman’s life that she must become a crazy cat lady. For me, that time is now.

You may recall that I recently did some cat sitting and decided that cats are the awesome and I want one. Well, you know what’s better than one? Two. Two is better than one. At least when it comes to cats.

After returning from Christmas holidays, I started looking at cats on Petfinder, a site that amalgamates profiles of pets looking to be adopted from a variety of different organizations. Looking at kitty profiles, by the way, is remarkably similar to online dating. You flip through the catalogue of potentials, eliminate the ones you don’t think are a good match (Too old. Too young. Not cute enough. Too needy.), take note of the ones you like and then you arrange a first date!

As I flipped through the profiles, I saw a lot of lovely cats that could potentially be a good match, but I kept coming back to these two:

My new kitties!

That is Simon (on the right) and Blue (on the left). They were surrendered to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) when their owner moved and have been living with a foster family for about 5 months. Here’s the descriptions of them as written by their foster mom:

Simon is an explorer and a thinker. He is curious about most things from cupboards to closets to observing what is outside our windows. An incredibly handsome two year old, he walks around our home with command and grace, always looking for the best place to lay down and observe. He likes it best being on his feet, not being held. A great conversationalist, he is always meowing when he sees you are a little preoccupied or not petting him behind his ears. The younger brother of Blue, Simon is very independent but is never shy to cuddle with his sister. They love to play and race around. After some good down time and napping they will spring to action with bursts of energy. The two stay out of trouble, we never come home to a mess or suspicious behavior, we think it’s because they have too much fun with each other to bother with anything else. In a home of three, Simon is very good with people. He may be shy upon meeting, but once everyone has settled in he will make his introductions and find his favorite place to hang out.

Simon must be adopted with his sister, BLUE

Sweet Lady Blue, or Blue as we commonly call her, is the beautiful older sister of Simon. She walks with poise, has a stunning gray/blue coat and a very feminine, pretty face. One of her favorite things is her cardboard box. A typical cardboard box we had left in the kitchen immediately became Blue’s best place to nap and relax. We couldn’t recycle it after seeing how much time she spends lounging in it. Being Simon’s older sister, she makes sure he always looks nice by spending some time cleaning his face after eating, usually retreating for a nap soon afterwards together. Although the elder, she never passes up playtime with her brother. Our household loves to read and we soon found out Blue does too. When not in her box she’ll enjoy cozying up to the pages you’re reading, peering her cute face up at yours, we cannot help but give her attention and well deserved belly rubs. Simon and Blue have beautiful personalities and telling faces. The pair are so well behaved, independent and loving we know they will be a dynamic addition to their forever home.

Blue must be adopted with her brother, SIMON

After seeing their pictures and reading those descriptions, I just knew I had to meet them. So I put in an adoption application, had my phone interview, and then last night I got to go to their foster home and meet them. OMG, so freaking cute! Simon came to the door to meet me and right away was letting me pet him. Blue was a bit more reserved, preferring to stay on her perch on the sewing table and making me go to her, but she was very friendly right away when I approached her. And pretty soon the two of them were playing with toys and just generally being adorable. And since we hit it off, I decided I wanted them, so tonight I did the paperwork and now they are mine! I am arranging to go pick them up on Saturday!

I’m 99% sure I’m going to change their names and I’m 97% settled on what their names will be, but I will save that bit of information until I pick them up and decide 100% for sure.

So, since I’m going all crazy cat lady, you can expect a bunch of postings of photos of my new kitties once I get them. But don’t worry, I’m still also going to be a crazy frog lady. I’ve assured the froggies that I will protect them from becoming snacks for kitties and I’m sure there will be some frog photos to accompany the cat ones.


A Blogworthy Bethmas

Blog worthy

A “happy birthday/congrats on finishing your MBA” card from my lovely friend, soon-to-be-Dr. Martha!

Yesterday was Bethmas. Apparently I was so busy preparing and then celebrating that I never even gave you the usual Bethmas Eve greeting1. But now I’m here to give you a recap.

I decided that, since my industry project paper – i.e., the very last thing I needed to do for my MBA – was due on Jan 15, which is ever so close to Bethmas, that it only made sense to hand my paper in early and throw a big bash to celebrate both my birthday and the completion of my MBA2! I handed my paper in on Thursday, crossed my fingers that my prof wouldn’t ask for any revisions3, and then threw a party.

Because I am a Snow, I made tonnes of food because that is what Snows do when they throw a party. There was chili chicken4, mushroom puffs5, potatoes wrapped in bacon6, spinach dip, guacamole deviled eggs, 3 bean salad, chips7 and, for dessert, mocha ganache cupcakes with mascarpone cream. Suffice it to say that I spent pretty much all of the day prepping and was still decorating the cupcakes when the first guest arrived! I didn’t even have time to run to the store and had to make poor Kalev pick up ice and a loaf of sourdough for the spinach dip on his way over8.

I decided to make the house drinks related to the theme of having finished business school and this is what I came up with:

House drinks

The Suffering Bastard is a drink I found on the Internet and, since I’ve been a suffering bastard for the past two years, I figured it was appropriate. However, it’s a gin-based drink and I don’t actually like gin, so I needed a second option that *I* would actually like to drink9. I came across a drink recipe that I liked, but the name didn’t fit my theme, so I rebranded it The Leveraged Synergy and off I went. I described the Leverage Synergy as a “spiked Shirley Temple“, but then when I went to make one for Kalev, he said, “Why aren’t you putting orange juice in it? Oh right, you’re from the east!” Apparently out west, a Shirley Temple has OJ in it, whereas where I grew up, it does not (and, I’ll add the Wikipedia article does not say anything about OJ in it. And Wikipedia is always right!). So I added a third house drink – The Value Add Leveraged Synergy, which was The Leveraged Synergy, but with orange juice added.

Also, my friends are so generous that, despite the fact that it felt like there was a drink being made every minute, I ended up with significantly more alcohol than I started with by the end of the night. So I probably will have to have another party now to use up all this booze!

Also, speaking of my generous friends, Dr. Erika brought me a gift in this lovely gift bag:

Congrats on your MBAby!

Congratulations on your MBAby! Because really, giving birth to an MBA is much like having a baby. It’s painful, takes up all your time and attention, and you are sleep deprived for two years.

But honestly, the best part of my birthday was getting to spend it with so many good friends. There were friends from work and school and the other time I was in school and social media and various other people that I’ve met who ever remembers where and it was so much fun to hang out with them all for the evening. I’m a lucky girl.

And then, to put the cherry on the top of a wonderful night, after everyone left I checked my email and there was a message from my prof saying that he approved my industry project paper, no revisions needed, so I’m officially 100% done every single thing I need to do for my MBA! Best. Birthday Present. Ever!

And then today – a.k.a.Bething Day10 – I spent the day in practically non-stop exercise. First up was a 12 km run – it’s part of the running study that I’m in, but I had to do it on my own instead of with the group because I didn’t have quite enough time to do a 12 km run and then get to my early hockey game. The run was a bit of a slog, both because 12 km is a long distance to run on one’s own and because it was pouring out, so I was trying carefully not to step in too many of the deep puddles that seemed to be *everywhere*. But I got it done and had just enough time to get home, dry off, scarf down some oatmeal and then run off to my first of two hockey games. Due to the terrible flu that’s going around, we were a little bit short benched, having only 8 skaters11! But we played hard and we managed to pull out a 2-2 tie12 and I got an assist on one of our goals. And then I went home, scarfed down some leftovers, and headed back out to game #2. For this game we at least had 11 players – which seemed like a lot by comparison to game #1 – but it’s my higher division team, so the play is much faster. We had a great game – and managed a 1-0 victory! Now I’m sitting on my couch drinking tea and I fear that I might not be able to stand up again from the sheer exhaustion that has overtaken my entire body, but it’s the good kind of exhaustion. Overall, quite a successful Bething Day.

Oh yes, I also, because I’m a nerd, want to point out that last year I turned a square and this year I turned a prime number. I better make this a smashing good year, because next year’s age doesn’t have anything special about it, numerically speaking13. Given how this year is starting out, I’d have to say that I think I’ll be able to do that.

  1. Though I did tweet it. []
  2. Also known as: getting my life back! []
  3. I’d given him a much, much earlier draft in December and gotten feedback on that, so I felt like I was on the right track. []
  4. Something that I’ve never made before, so it counts towards my 2014 goal of making 14 new food items that I’ve never made before []
  5. Ibid. []
  6. Always a bit hit. []
  7. Because, omg, I love chips but they are sooo bad for you, so I never have them in the house other than when I’m having a party. Omg, chips. []
  8. Thanks, Kalev! You rock! []
  9. For the record, gin drinkers seemed to like the Suffering Bastard. []
  10. The Bethmas equivalent of Boxing Day. []
  11. Which really wasn’t what I needed on a post-party day when I had to run 12 km and play two hockey games. []
  12. So, yeah, on top of having so few players, we also went to overtime. When we scored our second goal to tie the game near the end of the third period, the ref said to me, “You guys sure want to go to overtime.” And I replied, “Yup, we don’t feel like we’ve been getting enough ice time.” []
  13. Dr. Dan, correct me if I’m wrong on that. []


An Organization Quest

Since I finished school1, I no longer have an excuse for my place to be a mess. For the past two years, I was able to tell myself that I didn’t have time to be organized, but now that I’ve got nothing but time on my hands, I think it’s time to do a total reboot of my apartment.

Organizing my Seed StashAs I was thinking these lofty thoughts, I came across this on Lifehacker: 52 weeks to an organized home. It’s a series of challenges where you tackle one organizing task per week. The idea with it is that you can’t do everything at once, and even if you could, you’d probably just mess it all up right away anyway, because you haven’t given each new organizing solution enough time to let it sink in and become a new habit. Also, giving yourself a week to do each task allows you to spend time thinking about the best way to set things up for your particular (for lack of a better phrase) work flow and to test out the new configuration to see if it works. It’s basically Lean and prototyping2.

What really appeals to me about this is that I don’t have to decide where to start. I think of it as being similar to running. When I’m training for a half marathon, I follow a training plan where each day that I need to run, the decision about how long I need to run that day has already been made for me – maybe I run 12 km on Sunday, 5 km on Tuesday, 8 hill repeats on Wednesday. I know when I have to run and how far and so having to make a decision about that is eliminated as a barrier to me actually going and doing it. So it’s much the same with this organizing program. This week you organizing your kitchen counters, next week you organize your kitchen cabinets, etc.

As I’m organizing, I have to keep reminding myself to take it one step at a time. Like this week, I’m organizing kitchen counters, which means all the stuff that I had stacked on my counters that didn’t belong that had to be moved, ideally to the location where I’ll ultimately be wanting it. But as I do that, I’m super tempted to then organize that other location completely, but I know that if I fall into that trap, I’m going to become overwhelmed with all of it and that’s what this program is trying to avoid. So I’m trying to be content with shoving things in a cabinet or closet that isn’t organized, as I know I’ll get to it on a future week.

TastefulThat’s not to say that I’m not organizing *anything* that’s off schedule, as I have re-arranged my living room to accommodate the flat screen TV I bought myself as an “I’m done school” present, which necessitated moving a bookshelf from the living room to the growerly3, and since I had to take all the books off said shelf to move it, I used that opportunity to organize the bookshelf a little better. I also set up a better spot to keep my recycling bins, because they were totally in the way where I had been keeping them, as well as creating a box to put things to donate in4, as I figure the organizing process will generate a fair bit of things to recycle and things to donate.

So, that’ s my plan for the next 52 weeks. But this time next year, I’ll have the most organized apartment ever!

Image Credits:


  1. Fun fact: 57% of my sentences these days start with “Since I finished school”. The other 43% start with “When I was in Ireland”. []
  2. See, I learned useful stuff in school! []
  3. Not to mention rearranging how my living room furniture was configured. []
  4. As I had just been shoving stuff into a plastic bag, which wasn’t working well at all. []


90-day Fitness & Accountability Challenge

When I was in Toronto at Christmas, I had the good fortune of hanging out with Dr. Dan and Mr. Rick. There was dinner and beer and shopping and other such things of a celebratory nature. And there was also a discussion of an idea Rick had come up with: the 90-day Fitness & Accountability Challenge. The long version of it is over on Rick’s blog. The quick version of it is that Rick has motivated, inspired, and recruited a group of nearly 30 people to make a commitment to challenge themselves to improve their fitness levels over a 90 day period. The challenge each person is taking on is personal – by first assessing our current level of activity, we then said “What can I do that will push myself out of my comfort zone?”

For me, I’ve been doing 4 runs per week since November as part of the YVR Nike Running study that I’m participating in, so I decided that to really kick it up a notch, I’m going to do 6 workouts per week. The workouts have to be a minimum of 30 minutes and will likely consist of 4 days per week of running, plus hockey and possibly some yoga and maybe some skiing. I’m going to set up some spreadsheet awesomeness to track all this – Dr. Dan did some kickass tracking widgets over on his blog and that inspired me, but that will have to wait for another day. I can tell you that since the challenge started on Monday, I’ve done two runs and a hockey game, and I have two more runs and two more hockey games scheduled before the end of day on Sunday1, so I’m starting off strong. I think scheduling things in advance will be the key for me in this challenge. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how things progress!

  1. In fact, on Sunday I have a 13 km run in the morning, a mid-day hockey game, and an evening hockey game scheduled! []


For Your Television Viewing Pleasure

Hey, remember that time I played hockey for 10 days straight and there was a documentary made about it?


Well, if you missed it at the NINE different film festivals it’s been to and you haven’t bought a copy yet, you can catch it in the comfort of your own home on the Knowledge Network this week! It will be on at:

  • Tuesday January 7, 7:00pm
  • Tuesday January 7, 11:00pm
  • Wednesday January 8, 2:00am
  • Wednesday January 8, 6:00pm