Froggies are a gateway pet

There comes a time in every woman’s life that she must become a crazy cat lady. For me, that time is now.

You may recall that I recently did some cat sitting and decided that cats are the awesome and I want one. Well, you know what’s better than one? Two. Two is better than one. At least when it comes to cats.

After returning from Christmas holidays, I started looking at cats on Petfinder, a site that amalgamates profiles of pets looking to be adopted from a variety of different organizations. Looking at kitty profiles, by the way, is remarkably similar to online dating. You flip through the catalogue of potentials, eliminate the ones you don’t think are a good match (Too old. Too young. Not cute enough. Too needy.), take note of the ones you like and then you arrange a first date!

As I flipped through the profiles, I saw a lot of lovely cats that could potentially be a good match, but I kept coming back to these two:

My new kitties!

That is Simon (on the right) and Blue (on the left). They were surrendered to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) when their owner moved and have been living with a foster family for about 5 months. Here’s the descriptions of them as written by their foster mom:

Simon is an explorer and a thinker. He is curious about most things from cupboards to closets to observing what is outside our windows. An incredibly handsome two year old, he walks around our home with command and grace, always looking for the best place to lay down and observe. He likes it best being on his feet, not being held. A great conversationalist, he is always meowing when he sees you are a little preoccupied or not petting him behind his ears. The younger brother of Blue, Simon is very independent but is never shy to cuddle with his sister. They love to play and race around. After some good down time and napping they will spring to action with bursts of energy. The two stay out of trouble, we never come home to a mess or suspicious behavior, we think it’s because they have too much fun with each other to bother with anything else. In a home of three, Simon is very good with people. He may be shy upon meeting, but once everyone has settled in he will make his introductions and find his favorite place to hang out.

Simon must be adopted with his sister, BLUE

Sweet Lady Blue, or Blue as we commonly call her, is the beautiful older sister of Simon. She walks with poise, has a stunning gray/blue coat and a very feminine, pretty face. One of her favorite things is her cardboard box. A typical cardboard box we had left in the kitchen immediately became Blue’s best place to nap and relax. We couldn’t recycle it after seeing how much time she spends lounging in it. Being Simon’s older sister, she makes sure he always looks nice by spending some time cleaning his face after eating, usually retreating for a nap soon afterwards together. Although the elder, she never passes up playtime with her brother. Our household loves to read and we soon found out Blue does too. When not in her box she’ll enjoy cozying up to the pages you’re reading, peering her cute face up at yours, we cannot help but give her attention and well deserved belly rubs. Simon and Blue have beautiful personalities and telling faces. The pair are so well behaved, independent and loving we know they will be a dynamic addition to their forever home.

Blue must be adopted with her brother, SIMON

After seeing their pictures and reading those descriptions, I just knew I had to meet them. So I put in an adoption application, had my phone interview, and then last night I got to go to their foster home and meet them. OMG, so freaking cute! Simon came to the door to meet me and right away was letting me pet him. Blue was a bit more reserved, preferring to stay on her perch on the sewing table and making me go to her, but she was very friendly right away when I approached her. And pretty soon the two of them were playing with toys and just generally being adorable. And since we hit it off, I decided I wanted them, so tonight I did the paperwork and now they are mine! I am arranging to go pick them up on Saturday!

I’m 99% sure I’m going to change their names and I’m 97% settled on what their names will be, but I will save that bit of information until I pick them up and decide 100% for sure.

So, since I’m going all crazy cat lady, you can expect a bunch of postings of photos of my new kitties once I get them. But don’t worry, I’m still also going to be a crazy frog lady. I’ve assured the froggies that I will protect them from becoming snacks for kitties and I’m sure there will be some frog photos to accompany the cat ones.

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