Hollywood Half Marathon, Here We Come!

Hollywood Half Marathon 2013     1 bThe flights and hotel are booked. The registration fees are paid. And in just 71 days, Alicia and I will be racing 21.1 km through the streets of Hollywood, California!

Neither of us have been to Hollywood before, so we are making a bit of a long weekend for ourselves. The race is on the Saturday of the first weekend of April at the unholy hour of 6 am (!)1, but then that does give us more time to do sightseeing that day!

The running study that I’m in is approaching its completion – there’s just over a week left until our training ends with a 10 km race, and I’ll be able to transition nicely from that training to my half marathon training. I’m hoping to keep up the momentum of the four runs per week that I’ve been doing. And I’m *really* hoping that the days will soon be long enough that there’s some daylight either before I go to work or after I get home from work so I can do more of my running outside and less on the treadmill. If there’s one thing that the running study participation has reminded me, it’s that I hate, with the fire of a thousand suns, running on a treadmill.

The Hollywood Half Marathon will be my 10th half marathon and my very first one outside of BC. Do you think it’s too much to ask for it also to be one where I set a personal best? Only time – and how dedicated I can stay to my training – will tell!

Image Credit: Posted by Dave Klukken on Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

  1. I guess they don’t want to have Hollywood Boulevard shut down for too long during the day. []

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