The glorious, gloriousness of a gloriously long weekend. Now with 100% more sleeping in!

Ah, the four day long weekend. The most glorious of all the long weekends, what with the four days and all.

Friday, I had a wonderful sleep in. I didn’t intend to sleep quite so long as I did, but it was so great to get a good long rest and not wake up to an alarm. I had intended to get up in time to go for a 12 km run before heading out for the day (as Friday was supposed to be the only non-rainy day of the weekend), but I didn’t get up early enough to do that, so I opted to do a few chores I needed to get done (mostly getting all my tax papers together and writing my kitty quarterly report), then I headed out to hang out with Kalev. We did such adventurous things as Indian buffet for lunch, going for a walk1, seeing a very important documentary on the latest developments in artificial intelligence2, drinks and poutine3.

Saturday I got to sleep in again (hooray), but then I went to my accountant’s to deal with my taxes. By which I mean, I gave my accountant a bunch of papers and told her what’s gone on this year and then she works magic and will tell me how much money I’ll get back4. Then I spent much of the rest of the day watching hockey and episodes of Cosmos that I hadn’t yet seen (since it was raining out anyway, seemed like a good day to not be outside too much). Since my beloved Canucks didn’t make the playoffs this year, I’ve been forced to watch other teams play. Was happy to see the St. Louis beat the evil Blackhawks, but sad to see Pittsburgh go down to the BJs in OT. For the record, I’m cheering for Montreal to win the East5 and San Jose in the West. Go Habs! Go Sharks!

Sunday I slept in again (I know you are surprised) I finally went for my 12 km run! Except it ended up being more like an 11 km run because I hadn’t eaten very much breakfast and my legs turned to lead6 Also, I was just running up and down the Quay7, as it was cloudy and threatening to pour, so I didn’t want to run 6 km away and then be stuck in a torrential downpour. However, it ended up that the 11 km mark ended up being right by the entrance to the Quay and I just didn’t have it in me to keep going. Lesson learned – fuel up next time! And perhaps plan a better route!

After that I did some tidying8. And then I went over to my friend Heather’s place for Easter dinner. Because Heather is super sweet and takes in orphans like me on holidays. Heather’s family is super fun – though I’m not surprised given how much fun Heather is. Also, the food was crazy delicious – and I got sent home with leftovers! I’m so spoiled!!

Monday (today), I slept in yet again (hooray!) and then Alicia and her girls came out to visit. We went for brunch and then the girls came over to meet the cats. The girls were very excited to play with the cats and, surprisingly, the cats didn’t seem too freaked out by the kids. A couple of times they retreated to the safety of under the bed, but only for a few minutes and then they came back out. They are very much people cats! Also, Alicia’s older daughter built an epic fort out of the cats’ boxes, and the cats were pretty happy about that, as it seemed like they quite enjoyed hanging out in their fort! And then the rest of the day involved more organizing – I managed to clean up various things that had been piling up in my office, which makes me a happy camper! I’m still behind on my my organization quest schedule, but I’m much further ahead compared to where I was at the start of the weekend.

And now, sadly, the weekend has come to an end. And I think it’s time for me to hit the hay, as I don’t get to sleep in tomorrow!

  1. Because we were stuffed from Indian buffet *and* because it was supposed to be the only sunny day this weekend. []
  2. Spoiler alert: It was a terrible movie! []
  3. Which I blame entirely on the drinks. Also, Indian buffet and poutine in one day made me really regret not having gone for a run. And I wonder why I haven’t lost the MBA weight yet? []
  4. Hooray for giant tuition tax credit! I mean, the giant tuition fees suck, but at this time of year, at least we get the tax credit. []
  5. I’m cheering for Montreal because (a) they are the only Canadian team who made the playoffs, (b) it is the place my parents grew up, and (c) it is the home of spruce beer. []
  6. I have a terrible habit of thinking that 12 km isn’t that long of run, so I’m not properly mentally or physically prepared for it, but it totally is a long run and then I struggle. I find 14 km a bit easier and 16 km fine – I think my brain can comprehend that those are long distances and so is ready for it, but it stubbornly refuses to accept 12 km as long. []
  7. Also, since I was running the same route, back and forth, I ended up running by a guy with a video camera who was interviewing a couple (not sure what about, since I had my headphones on and couldn’t hear what they were saying. They were blocking the only way to get to the end of Westminster Pier Park (the east end of the Quay) – which I needed to cover or else I’d have to do even more laps of the rest of the Quay) and since they had another guy with them who was watching but he wasn’t stopping anyone, I ran by them. They didn’t say anything, but about a half an hour later when I ran by there again, they were done interviewing and looked to be wrapping up their shoot, but when they saw me, they started filming me running. It was weird, because I couldn’t tell if they were just trying to take stock-like footage of “person running along the pier” or if they were trying to freak me out, like “You ruined our footage, now we’ll creep on you!” If the former, they got a fair amount of useless footage of me staring at them looking puzzled as I ran []
  8. As I’m waaaaay behind on my organization quest! []

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