Wait. What Did You Just Call My Cats??

When I first got the kitties, I bought them a bag of freeze dried raw duck treats, which they absolutely loved. So I checked out the website of the makers of said duck treats, to see where I might purchase them closer to home than the store in which I originally bought them. While on said website, I saw that you could sign up to get a coupon for a free package of treats and, since I am nothing if not a cheap, cheap woman, I decided I wanted that free package of treats. Now, while I’m clearly fine with letting a company know all my contact information so that they might spam me relentlessly in order that I might save $3, I apparently draw the privacy line at divulging my pets’ names to said company1, as I balked when I got to this question on the form:

Pet's name question

So I wrote in this answer:

pet's name - my answer

Then I got my coupon and promptly forget about the whole thing. That is, until I got this email a month later:

email #1

Obviously, they just wanted to put my pets’ names into their customer database so that they could customize the spam they send to me – had I put in their names, it would have just said, “Do Waston & Crick love Nature’s Variety?” Upon receiving this email, I (a) thought it was funny that they don’t have any sort of filter or a person reading the data that goes into their database to catch such errors and (b) instantly realize that I needed to fill that form out again, with a different answer, just so that I could get this email:

What did you just say about my cats?

The best part (for me) is that they send you the email 30 days later, which is just long enough for me to have forgotten having done it, until I received that email, which actually made me laugh out loud, in public, when I read it on my phone. Ahh, I amuse me.

  1. Of course, I have my pets’ names plastered all over my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and basically just shout their names from the rooftops because, did I mention, they have awesome names? []

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