Watson’s Strange Obsessions

I think someone forgot to tell Watson that he’s a cat, as he is strangely obsessed with eating green vegetables. Cucumber is his absolute favourite, but he also likes lettuce, spinach, green beans, and asparagus. One time I had a container of small tomatoes in a variety of colours and he reached in and grabbed a green one and ran away with it1

Not only does he like these veggies, but he seems to prefer them to actual cat food. If I put out the cats’ dinner and then start making myself a salad, he will abandon his meal to come and beg for lettuce and cucumbers.

He also loves to watch me dry my hair. I’m not sure what he likes about it so much, but any time I dry my hair, he sits just outside the bathroom and watches intently.

His other obsession is with taking these things off my bed frame:

I’m not sure what these things are called, but they are little decorative knobs on the bed frame that are apparently just inserted into little holes in the bedframe:

For some reason, Watson just has to rip these things out of throw them on the floor. Just the other day I found five of them under my armoire2. I still haven’t found all of them, but at least those five are back in place… well, until Watson discovers I put them back and rips them out again. I fear I am fighting a losing battle on this one.

  1. Turned out that he didn’t actually like tomatoes, as he tried a bite but then left its squishy remains uneaten on the floor. []
  2. I went looking for them as there were more missing than I could find on the floor next to the bed. []

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  • One of our cats thinks she’s a dog. She begs for food. BEGS!!!! And she doesn’t care what kind of food it is, although she prefers meat. Cats are weird.


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