Goals for 2015 – check in

A blog posting over on Rick’s blog reminded me that it’s the end of Q1 for 2015 and this a good time to check in on how I’m progressing on my 2015 goals!

My first 4 goals were running related:

  • run 2 half marathons – I’ve registered for (and am actively training for) the BMO half on May 3 and just today I registered for the half at the Rock’n’Roll Montreal in September!
  • run a sub-2 hr half marathon – I’m hoping to achieve this as-of-yet elusive goal at BMO, but if I don’t, I’ll just re-double my training efforts and try to do it in Montreal.
  • run 800 km – So far, I’ve run 236 km – or 29% – of this goal. And we are 25% of the way through the year, so I’m on track for this one.
  • add 5 new medals to my collection – The only races I’m scheduled to do so far are the two halfs, plus I signed up for this “virtual run”, because I’m totally addicted to race medals. I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 5 km and was really excited that I was going to get a hot chocolate-shaped medal… until I discovered that it conflicted with my hockey playoffs! So I gave my bib to a friend1 to run in my place. So I’ve got 3 medals lined up, but I still need to find two more medal-bearing races at some point during this year!

There’s a few goals on which I’ve made no progress (including the 100 pushup challenge, writing a will, applying for a research grant, organizing all my closets2 and losing the last 5 lbs of my MBA weight3.)

I’m well on my way to the goal of “pay off 7.5% of my mortgage principal”4, and I’ve made 14 of the 15 new food/drink items that I aimed to make in 2015! I’ve also completed 3 items from my 101 list (with 2 more items booked to be completed in the next 2 months), so I’ve at least made a dent in trying to knock 15 items off my list. I’m just barely achieving my goal of “Bring lunch to work more often than I buy lunch at work”, with having brought lunch on 53% of my workdays so far this year5. I’ve achieved “set up a new investment plan”, so it’s nice that I have one thing totally completed!

As for my goal of writing 115 blog postings, well, this one will only be my 14th blog posting this year! Yikes! It’s not like I have a lack of ideas of things to write about, but just that I never seem to find the time. Speaking of which, how exactly is it April already??

  1. Who shall remain nameless so as not to implicate said friend in having been a race bandit! []
  2. I didn’t even remember that was a goal until I just did this check in! []
  3. Though I seem to be holding steady where I am and can fit into a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear for quite some time! []
  4. I’m at 3.34% of my principal paid off in 2015 so far, and am planning to put my tax return and more of my teaching money towards it, plus the amount of principal I pay off with my regular payments. []
  5. I really need to improve on this one! []

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