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Write Blog Postings –> ? –> Profit!

I was searching Flickr for images for my slide deck for the class I’m teaching and stumbled upon this one:


It made me smile!

Image Credit: Posted by Owen W. Brown on Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

2 Responses to Write Blog Postings –> ? –> Profit!

  1. Demonweed says:

    I haven’t followed up enough to validate my own whim yet, but last time I opened a bottle of wine it seemed to me that a recent policy change should be prompting a floodgate of revelatory candor from all manner of taxpayer-funded Canadian scientists. If the long period of repression should have lots of thoughtful experts now eager to express opinions, plunging nearer to controversy than they might otherwise. It seems like a digest of these statements would generate a lot of interest. It would be useful as a perspective on the consequences of ending the gag order, but it could also be lucrative as readers are drawn back by regular tidbits of bold assertion, clever language, or fringe hypothetization. Of course, you would have to take some care just in case years down the road a change in government should see a return to less enlightened policies — you might not want to be publicly associated with a project that gravitates toward the nexus of political controversy and science.

  2. Beth says:

    It was the federal government-employed scientists that were being muzzled – those of us working for other levels of government (or even doing research funded by taxpayer-funded federal funding agency grants) weren’t subject to the muzzle.

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