NaBloPoMo 2017 – Day 1

Because I am nothing if not stubborn, and a person who never knows when to quit, I’m going to give National Blog Posting Month a go again this year. Things are still fairly busy (what else is new?), so I’ve decided I’m going to blog about all the small things – those little things that stick in my brain but that I typically think are too inconsequential to bother blogging about but which I can’t fit into 140 characters to tweet them (speaking of which – Twitter, when are you going to give me 280 characters to play with??). So lucky you, you can look forward to 30 days of me blogging about inconsequential things, which I’m sure will be followed closely by my annual glut of December blog postings of existential angst (How is it the end of the year already? What have I done with my life? Who am I??).

Also, I reserve the right to blog about big things should I have the time/inclination/fabulous experience that inspires me to do so. It’s my blog and I’ll countermand if I want to.

Also also, now I have this song stuck in my brain:

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