NaBloPoMo – Day 12 – Happy birthday to my mom!

Got to spend a lovely day for my mom’s birthday! My mom, sister, three of my aunts, and I went to see the Murder on the Orient Express1 – I’d never read the book nor seen any of the previous MotOE movies, so I actually had no idea who the murderer was and I was not as clever as Hercule Poirot and thus did not figure it out. I really quite enjoyed it! Also, because it is my mom’s birthday, we decided to do the movie in style and watched it in VIP – some the tasty cocktail during the movie didn’t hurt either!

Happy birthday, Mom! So glad I got to be here to spend it with you!

  1. My nephew asked what movie we were going to see and we told him it was Murder on the Orient Express and he replied, “Is that the one with the evil snowman?” Turns out (spoiler alert!), there were no snowmen in this movie – evil or otherwise! []

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