NaBloPoMo – Day 21 – Parking Dilemma

So I was at UBC this evening to teach and when I was parking in the Health Sciences Parkade, this is what I saw as parking options:

Parking meter’s ridiculous options

Gee, I wonder what the better option is for parking until 12 am?

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  • Parking is cheaper if you pay online in advance, $10.25 per day. You need a CWL, but you can get a guest one if yours is no longer active.


  • Actually, this week you could not buy a day pass online for Health Sciences Parkade because of grad (they claim that it is to make sure that people going to grad can get parking), so I didn’t have that option. Also, I arrived at about 3:30 pm yesterday, so I saw the prices in the photo, but if I arrive after 4 pm (my class is at 5 pm), the rate on the meter is until 12 am is $9.75 (well, the second option for “until 12 am” is $9.75 – the first option for “until 12 am” is still $16). I thought paying online would be cheaper, because it says $8.25, but when you go to actually pay online, it turns out that the $8.25 does not include tax and it works out to over $10, whereas the meter price of $9.75 does include tax, so it’s cheaper. I don’t think UBC could make it more convoluted if they tried!


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