Happy 15th Blogiversary to Me!


Somehow, I have been blogging for 15 years. Not sure how that’s possible, but given that in these pandemic-y times a month seems like a year, maybe I’ve only been blogging for 15 months? Who knows, really? It is impossible to tell.

Despite my long and storied blogging career, it has come to my attention that my tagline of “The Internet’s leading authority on radicalized geese” is no longer accurate. Once upon a time, if you Googled “radicalized geese”, my blog was the #1 hit. I’m sure anyone who did that (and my sources1 tell me that people did, in fact, Google that) and ended up here was thoroughly confused, as there are very few mentions of geese, radicalized or otherwise. I wonder if I’ve said “radicalized geese” enough times to reclaim my throne? I guess I’ll have to publish this to find out.

Geese in Calgary
These geese may or may not be radicalized.

All this reminiscing about the good old days of my reign of Internet glory (at least amongst those who searched for information on the radicalization of geese) now has me wondering: what search terms are people using that land them on my blog these days? Since I don’t blog as much as I used to, I’ve looked at the top search terms that have landed people on my blog in the last year. Some of the top trends include:

  • people wanting to know what the collective term for a group of nieces and nephews is called (the answer is: niblings)
  • people wanting to know how many calories you burn while playing hockey (you can read my in depth ponderings on that here)
  • several requests for shirtless pictures of various NHL players (see here for a compilation) and hockey phrases that sound sexual (see here)
  • several people inquiring about knife laws in the Dominican Republic (wtf?)
  • a disturbing number of searches for pictures of hand injuries, exemplified by the search term “girls hand fracture selfies”

There were also 4 people who ended up on my blog from searching “2020 sucks”, which I think is actually quite an accomplishment, as there must be A LOT of people on the Internet who are saying those words. Although I was calling this year out for sucking earlier than most people, so I am a bit of trendsetter, really.

Canada Geese
These geese are totally radicalized.

Image Source:

  1. Where “my sources” are Google Analytics. []

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