Halloween 2020

As you may recall, I love Halloween. I especially love dressing up for Halloween. And I thought that I’d have to forgo it this year because working from home means no office costume contest and pandemic restrictions means no parties1. But then my gym came to the rescue! My gym’s Halloween costume contest has always been that you wear your costume to work out and then share a picture of it on Instagram. And since this would fit within the gym’s COVID safety plan, where there are limited numbers of people in the gym at the time, everyone keeps their distance, etc., there was no reason not to do it.

Once they announced the costume contest was on, I had to decide on a costume. I was thinking about it for a few days and then one day when I was getting some socks out of my sock drawer, I saw the ostrich leg socks that my sister gave me for Christmas2 and thought “I could totally be an ostrich!”

Ostrich costume at the gym987
Here I am doing a death march. Seems like an appropriately named exercise for Halloween.
Ostrich costume at the gym
TRX pullthroughs. These are surprisingly hard! Also, those kettle bells look like pumpkins!
Ostrich costume at the gym
Trapbar deadlifts. I know it’s not a lot of weight on there, but I have to do 15 reps, followed by 15 reps of the TRX pullthroughs, and then 30 reps of a third exercise – and then repeat all of that 3-4 times!

Thanks, Strong Side, for giving me an excuse to wear a costume this year!

Also, I made these bloodshot eyeballs:

Halloween eyeballs

Did you know that pink eye is a potential sign of COVID? That makes these eyeballs extra scaaaaary!

Happy Halloween!

  1. A colleague of mine pointed out the other day that not only did COVID screw up Halloween, it screwed up the best possible Halloween – Halloween on a Saturday night where Daylight Saving Time ends the next day, meaning you get an extra of hour of sleep the next day! Thanks COVID. []
  2. As my sister put it when I told her about it, “It’s the Christmas gift that’s really a Halloween gift!” []

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