NaBloPoMo – Day 6 – WFH with Cats

Working from home with cats consists of the cats sleeping 98% of the time, then trying to get in the way of any work being done for the other 2% of the time.

Beth & Crick on the office chair
Crick really likes my office chair, so sometimes we have to share.

Watson on my desk
Watson is a big fan of being on my desk during Zoom calls. He likes to walk back and forth across the desk so that the other people on the call see his tail go by the screen, and then settles in beside the keyboard, where he expects pets.

Crick on my keyboard
Crick finds the keyboard a very comfortable place to lie down.

Watson on my desk
Watson loves getting attention.

Cats on the bed
Crick really finds the keyboard comfy!

If I’m working on the couch, which I sometimes do for a change of scenery, Watson will often curl up beside me.

Crick jumping from my printer to the top of the freezer
Crick enjoys standing on this filing cabinet. She’ll usually climb up on to the printer and then jump up onto the upright freezer that is next to my desk1
Watson on Scott’s desk, where he tries to chew the string on those fish hanging from the light. Or sometimes just tries to bite the fish. I like this photo because it looks like he has a halo.
  1. Oh the joys of condo living, where you have nowhere else to put your freezer by your office! []

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