On the fifth day of donating…

I seem to have fallen into a pattern of an organization I’ve donated to in the past, then a new one, then one I’ve donated in the past, then a new one. So today I’ll be donating to one that I’ve donated to before: Options for Sexual Health.

To champion and celebrate the sexual health of all people in BC by supporting, providing, and promoting inclusive and accessible health care and education.

Options for Sexual Health Mission

Opt “supports the unrestricted right of all women to choose when and if to have children [… and] the right of young people to receive the sexual health education and services they seek, based on their informed consent.” 

I noticed that since the last time I looked at their website, they’ve added some clarification around their their definition of “women” which seems to be inclusive and respectful:

“Our definition of women is intersectional and inclusive, including trans women, non-binary, agender, and all other self-identified women. We also acknowledge that there are men and non-binary folks with uteruses who may need to access sexual and reproductive health services (including contraception, abortion, and cervical screening), and who can become pregnant.”

I believe their work is important and that’s why I’ve donated to this organization. 

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