On the ninth day of donating

I usually have Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) on my 12th and final day of donating, but since I’ve really gotten into this new charity, old charity pattern this year, I need to have a new charity on day 12, so VOKRA has been bumped up to day 9!

VOKRA is the cat rescue organization from which I got my beloved Watson & Crick and I’m happy to be able to support the work they do to take care of kitties and find fur-ever homes for them.

VOKRA has a network of foster homes where kitties live until someone comes along to adopt them. They also have an operations centre for kitties that need more care than can be provided in a foster home and they have a barn for feral kitties that aren’t able to adapt to indoor living. Since they believe that every kitty should have a chance at a happy, healthy life, they spend a fair bit on vet bills, as well as on supplies for cats in foster care and on running the operations centre.

Watson & Crick on the bed
Watson & Crick say “Meowy Christmas” to all their VOKRA sisters and brothers

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