Crick Update

Speaking of medical mysteries, I just realized that I haven’t given an update on how my sweet baby Crick is doing in quite awhile. When last I blogged about her, she was recovering from surgery to remove (most of) the giant lump in her neck. We weaned her off of prednisone, and her lump has not grown back, which suggests that it was not lymphoma after all. We’ll just keep on eye on her neck and make sure that it stays lump-free. Don’t need any further follow up with the oncologist as long as the lump doesn’t come back, so that’s good news.

But her runny nose persists, and has gotten worse. The regular vet is stumped – typically a cat runny nose is just like a human cold in that it usually runs its course after about 2 weeks and then the cat is fine. But this has been on again, off again for about a year. We got a referral to an internal medicine specialist (just like I didn’t know there were cat oncologists, I did not know there were cat internists either!), but they didn’t have any appointments until the new year, so they gave us a prescription to try another medicine to see if that would help in the meantime.

Here’s the photo that I texted to Scott to remind him to pick up said medicine on his way home from work:

Send a reminder to Scott to pick up Crick's medicine at the vet's

As it turned out, the medicine they gave her was children’s medicine!

Crick's medicine is actually children's medicine

I especially love the penguin on the box. As you can see, it was caramel flavour. It smelled delicious!

The instructions were to give it to her for five days and if she got better, to keep giving it to her every 72 hours until her appointment. If she didn’t get better, then stop after 5 days. She didn’t get any better, so now we just have to wait until her appointment to find out what else we can try.

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