Nine Years

A year ago today I was watching the Leafs play the Habs and thinking about how it had been eight years since my dad had his last conscious thought. Today I’m getting ready to watch the Leafs play the Canucks and thinking about how it can possibly be that it’s been nine years since I last had a conversation with him.

Nine years is such a very long time and yet I still can’t believe he’s gone sometimes.

It’s been a hard year and many times in the last year I’ve wondered “What would Dad have thought about this? How would he have reacted to the pandemic and all it has entailed?”

I honestly don’t know the answer to that. But I do know that he would have really enjoyed watching his Leafs play my Canucks, especially if tonight’s game is anything like Saturday’s game (where the Leafs beat the Canucks 5-1). So I’ll watch the game and think of him tonight.

My niece in the Canucks jersey that I gave her and my Dad in his Leafs jersey. Jan 27, 2008.

Miss you always, Daddy.

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  • Your dad would have been amazing throughout this pandemic…he would have found the humour in all situations…I can hear him making comments to people not following the simple guidelines in place to keep us all safe…it would have made for some hilarious stories…I miss your dad too.


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