A bunch of random photos

Apparently I have broken the blogging floodgates with my recent blog postings, because here I am blogging again!

new iPhone 13 mini

I recently got myself a new iPhone because the one that I had was cursed. It was also old and slow and its battery was crap and it was constantly too full so I was always having to delete apps from it and then re-add them when I needed them and I had dropped it and the screen was cracked, though that last one happened after I had decided to buy a new one. But mostly I bought a new one because it was cursed.

I got the new iPhone 13 mini in this beautiful blue colour. I decided to name her Emily, after the Corpse Bride, who is also blue. I previously had named my iPad Emily, also after the Corpse Bride, so this phone’s full name is Emily 2.

While decommissioning my old (and did I mention cursed) iPhone, I took all my photos off of their and got them into Flickr, which got me looking at my Flickr photos, many of which I had intended to blog and then just never got around to it.

Like this graffiti that is near my building. I can’t tell if it’s supposed to say “soup” or “soul” but with a bit of a flourish on the “l”:


And then there’s also graffiti near my building that says “Thermodynamics 782” for some reason:

Thermodynamics graffiti

Also this sign that I saw in a coffee shop:

Memory Loss

And this drink at New Wave Distilling in Abbotsford, where they put a smoke bubble on your drink for some reason:

Hibiscus Gin Sour

And these turtles at Lafarge Lake:

Turtles at Lafarge Lake

Also, have I mentioned lately how cute my cats are?

Raven and Watson on the bed

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