Other 2022 Goals

Like my reading goal for 2022, I did pretty abysmally on all of my 2022 goals except making new foods this year (and so the new foods will get its own blog posting). In addition to reading and cooking, I had goals to:

  1. blogged 52 times – I’ve only blogged 24 times (including this one and the one that I’m working on with all the new foods that I made this year). It seems unlikely that I’ll write 28 additional blog postings tomorrow, so this one is a fail
  2. write in my journal 52 times – I only wrote in my journal 26 times. So 50%. Again, big fail on this one.
  3. do an average of 1 hour of mindfulness meditation per week. This one I didn’t really track properly. I use a couple of different mindfulness meditation apps and I though that they’d track my stats for me, but it turns out that they only seem to give you all time stats, not by year, so I don’t even know how much I meditated this year. But I’m reasonably certain is was much less than 1 hour per week.

So there is my sad, sad recap of my epic failure on most of goals for the year! Tune into tomorrow when I’ll write about the one goal I managed to achieve!

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