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Earlier this year, a professional hockey player died from having their neck sliced by a skate during a hockey game. It generated a lot of talk about making neckguards mandatory – which I think they should have done ages ago. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to protect their neck in a game with sharp skate blades and hard pucks and sticks. The only “argument” I’ve ever heard anyone make in defence of not wearing one is “they aren’t comfortable”. I think it’s a pretty weak argument, since (a) I don’t even notice mine when I’m wearing it and (b) it’s not like any of the other gear is any more or less comfortable.

Anyway, while reading about this story, I learned that there are other cut-resistant pieces of equipment that hockey players can use, including wrist and leg guards. So I got some1. The wrist guards are awesome because your wrists can really easily be exposed as hockey glovers are loose, and the leg guards are awesome because the back of your lower leg otherwise just has a knitted sock on it and could easily be sliced.

Grey cut-resistant wrist guard covering my wrist
Wrist tube
Grey cut-resistant leg protector covering my calves and shins
Leg tubes

Happy to be more safe when I play hockey thanks to my safety tubes!

  1. As per usual, I have no relationship with this company. I just really like these products. []

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