Watson Snow (2011-2024)


SNOW, Watson – Unexpectedly on Saturday, January 13, 2024 at the age of 12 due to congestive heart failure. Survived by his humans and his sister Ravenclaw and predeceased by his sister Crick. Watson and his sister Crick came to live with their human just 5 days shy of 10 years before his death, and brought so much love, happiness, and laughter to our family. Watson was a snuggly cat who loved chasing the laser pointer and eating fresh cat grass from his balcony cat garden. When his human would arrive home, he loved to dash out into the hallway outside the condo, where he would proceed to walk down the hall, smelling every door on the floor, being especially delighted if a neighbour had a box or a pair of shoes outside their door, then walk back down the hallway, smelling every door again, before flopping down and rolling around on the floor. His favourite food was thinly sliced cucumbers. His favourite place to sleep was on his human’s feet. If anyone went into the kitchen, he quickly followed, jumping up on the stove and twitching his tail in anticipation of potential cat treats. Watson loved to be the centre of attention and was popular at parties, and on Zoom calls where his tail would bob back and forth on the screen as he walked across his human’s desk. Watson will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Curled up on his favourite blanket
Watson loved our hallway adventurer times.
Me and Watson in my home office
The best little work from home buddy. Sometimes he’d sit on his cat tree beside my desk/
Me and Watson
And sometimes he’d sit on my desk, right top of whatever I was working on.
This time he found Raven sitting on my desk and decided to join the party!
Watson & Raven waiting for treats!
Patiently waiting, with his sister Ravenclaw, for treats.
Also waiting for treats.
Curled up on my lap.
More hallway adventure times. He loved when the neighbour left her shoes outside her door!
Pizza box is a very comfy place for a kitty.
On the purple chair is another great place for a cat.
Boxes were always a hit with Watson.
Curled up on his favourite shelf on the cat tree. He used to prefer the top shelf and Crick slept on this one, but after Crick died, he switched to this one.
Watson & Raven on the couch
The couch was also a great place for a nap.
Watson in my luggage
He could never resist jumping into an open suitcase.
Favourite blanket!
Whenever I had a shower in the afternoon or evening, Watson always jumped into the tub before I could turn the shower on. He never did this before my morning shower – only before showers later in the day. He didn’t want to actually have a shower – he’s jump out if the water was turned on, even a little bit.
Raven & Watson on the kitchen counter
Watson and Raven, always ready for treats.
Cats on a yoga mat
Watson and Crick, my yoga buddies!
Red shoes and a kitty
My favourite Watson photobomb. I was just trying to take a picture of my shoes.
Sometimes I feel like, some Watson's watching me
Adventure cat.
Such a cute face.
Watson & Crick on the couch
Watson and Crick truly were a bonded pair.
Watson helping me mouse
My snuggly baby.
Watson and me
So snuggly.
Watson & Crick
The first picture I ever took of Watson, when he and Crick first came home with me and they set off exploring the place. I love this photo because it was really who Watson was – a curious boy who loved to run around exploring his surroundings!
My new kitties!
This is the photo that was used in the Petfinder ad where I found Watson & Crick. It is of them in their foster home. I fell in love with them upon seeing this photo and even more so when I met them and my love grew deeper with every day I was lucky enough to call them my kitties.

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