Introducing Kingsley Shacklebolt

Much like when Crick died and Watson seemed lonely, so we got Raven as a buddy for him, after Watson died, Raven seemed lonely. So we decided to get her a buddy. We didn’t want to rush it, but decided to casually look at rescue cats online and wait until one of them jumped out at us. We were originally planning to spend Scott’s birthday weekend in Alberta, so we didn’t want to get a new cat until we got back from that trip. But then Scott had to work that weekend, so we had to cancel our trip. And the next thing I knew, Scott was like “I put in an application for a kitten.”

Kingsley on the bed

He was at the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) shelter, the same place that we got Raven. A 5-month-old kitten, he was the last remaining member of his litter, as his sisters and brother had all been adopted and his mom had been taken into a foster home. They’d been found as strays in someone’s backyard in December and taken to the Langley shelter. Because it was December, they were christened “the reindeer litter” and they were all given reindeer names. This last remaining guy was called “Dasher” and, honestly, I cannot understand why he was the last one left. He’s affectionate, adorable, and in a litter of grey kittens, he was the only one with ghost tabby stripes! I went into the shelter to see him on Valentine’s Day and immediately decided to take him home! We took a few days to decide on a new name for him – Dasher just didn’t seem right to us – and eventually decided to stick with the Harry Potter themed names (to go with Ravenclaw) and landed on Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Much like when we first brought Raven home and Watson hated her, Raven was not impressed with the new kitten at first. But we did a slow introduction, keeping him in the bathroom at first so that the cats could just get used to each other’s presence in the condo without interacting with each other. But once we did introduce them, Kingsley wanted nothing more than to play with Raven and Raven wanted nothing to do with him. After about a week and a half, though, she eventually accepted that he was part of the family and now tolerates him, and even occasionally will let him nap next to her.

Kingsley on the office chair
Kingsley on Scott's desk
Kingsley on the purple chair
Kingsley on the bed - blep!

Kingsely on the window perch
Raven and Kingsley on the bed

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