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Beth is a freelance scientist, educator, artist, model, and social engineer. You’ve been warned.

Beth started blogging back in July 2005, with the sole purpose of procrastinating on the writing of her thesis1. From there, her blog grew to encompass things beyond merely complaining about how she was procrastinating on the writing of her thesis. Things that other people might want to read about. Like the Vancouver Canucks and funny things she found on the Internet while procrastinating. And tales of shoes she bought on eBay.

Other things of interest:

Today her blog has a readership well into the double digits2.

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If you want to read more of Beth’s narcissistic ramblings3 and science-y brain thoughts3, you can check her out on:

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And last, but certainly not least, drbethsnow.isfuckingaweso.me

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1Despite her valiant procrastination efforts, she did eventually finish her thesis.
2This joke is stolen from this guy. She heard it at a talk he gave one time and it totally stuck with her.
3You know you do. Admit it.

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  • Just followed a link to your blog from a comment you left on another one (TheblogaccordingtoBuzz, I think?). Had to laugh at your commentaries on UBC’s PhD gowns and parchments and frames from the bookstore! I defended my PhD five years ago; my framed diploma is tucked away somewhere in storage in Vancouver, possibly to never again see the light of day. And being so close to the anniversary of my defence (infamous in my department as the second-scariest defence in its history), I’ve recently had nightmares about it. Oy! So, long story short, I loved reading your recollections – although I won’t be surprised if another UBC nightmare haunts me tonight.

  • I managed a couple of lingering test-taking dreams, but nothing defence-related 🙂

    I was in RMES.