Official The Inspiration

Rick was appointed – without his consent or even his knowledge – as the Official The Inspiration for Not To Be Trusted With Knives (NTBTWK) on 14 August 2011 in honour of his 30th birthday on August 6.

Rick earned this title by being officially inspiring.  If ever you are in need of inspiration, you need only think about The Inspiration and you will be officially inspired.

While the title of the “Official The Inspiration” sounds grammatically all #$%ed up, it is, in fact, the appropriate title. Rick was dubbed “The Inspiration” some time ago by Dr. Dan, but now that he is officially the official The Inspiration (and yes, it must be capitalized) of NTBTWK, that’s the official and proper title.

Like my other consultantscorrespondents, etc., Rick is paid for his services with my undying admiration and gratitude and with the ever lasting fame that comes from having this page on my blog.

Image credit: I totally stole this photo off of Rick’s blog. Completely stolen. Because that’s the way I roll.


5 Replies to “Official The Inspiration”

  1. “Official The Inspiration” does sound grammatically odd, but I like! And if I can get my own page, I’m completely okay with you stealing the photo :). This is truly an honour 🙂

  2. It would have sounded more natural to say “The Official Inspiration,” but it seemed like it would be a crime to break up the “The” from the “Inspiration”!

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