Resident Historian and Chief Political Correspondent

Sarah was appointed – without her consent or even her knowledge – as the Resident Historian for Not To Be Trusted With Knives (NTBTWK) back in May 2008.  She was later appointed – again without her consent or knowledge – as the NTBTWK Chief Political Correspondent in Nov of the same year.

She wrote a guest post for my Canadian Prime Ministerial Series: Diefenbaker.  Making it the only post in the series that wasn’t just a rehashing of what’s on Wikipedia.

I sometimes call or email her with history-related questions like: Has there ever been a federal party leader who wasn’t white and how many concerts have I been to?

She is paid for her services with my undying admiration and gratitude and with the ever lasting fame that comes from having this page on my blog.

You can read Sarah’s blog over at EIEIO!

Photo credit: Me. I took that photo. Me me me!

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