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  • Home Improvements

    2020 was a year for home renos for many people. For those who were lucky enough to keep their jobs and who usually spend a bunch of money on travelling, sprucing up the old homestead seemed like a good way to spend the money that would otherwise have gone to flights and hotels. Plus people […]

  • (no title)

    A bunch of my goals for 2019 were related to getting my condo more organized. I had very high hopes that I’d be all handy and DIY-y this year and I would: build a closet organizer in the front hall closet build a closet organizer in the pantry closet install a lazy Susan in each […]

  • Half Way Goals Check-In

    So, the year is half over. I know that every year I, like most people, marvel at how fast the year is going by, this year it’s way worse than previous years. Like, the year is half over and I haven’t really done anything… and I haven’t even planned stuff. Anyhoo, I thought that maybe […]

  • Stuff I Learned This Year: Drywall Edition

    I’ve had my condo for more than four years now and decided it was high time to give the place a little makeover. When I bought my place, I only had a few days to move in due to multiple trips that were happening around the same time. I figured that the paint in the […]