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  • Happy 9th Birthday, Thomas!

    Having a birthday in a pandemic-induced quarantine is probably not anyone’s first choice for a 9th birthday. But that is the situation that we find ourselves in, so for my nephew’s 9th birthday today, we decided to have a group video chat to share birthday cake. My niece baked a tie-dye birthday cake at my […]

  • Halloween 2019

    I was having trouble deciding what to be for Halloween this year and then my office announced that they’d picked a theme for the annual costume contest: horror movies. I figured that would help me as it would narrow down my options. But as I thought about it, most of the iconic horror movie characters […]

  • Hello, It’s Me, I’ve Avoided You Forever While Consuming Calories

    Whenever I visit my family, I get introduced to awesome new movies and videos1. Yesterday, my niece introduced me to this excellent parody of Adele’s Hello, which we have been walking around the house singing all day: Given that I’m currently on a break from running (until the new year), the line “And the ice cream […]

  • A review of that movie that everyone is talking about

    “Krampus poster” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia. Last night, Kalev and I went to see the documentary about the blicans and her family are Repu experience of German ex-pats living in America – Krampus. Warning: SPOILERS I give this movie a decidedly mixed review. There was some very well done sections of the […]

  • A movie that helps distract me

    Today’s blogging prompt is: “Your best friend just broke up with her partner. What movie do you bring over to get her through that first night?” But I’ve decided to adapt this one a bit, because if my best friend just broke up with her partner, I don’t think I’d bring a movie over. I’d […]

  • For Your Television Viewing Pleasure

    Hey, remember that time I played hockey for 10 days straight and there was a documentary made about it? Well, if you missed it at the NINE different film festivals it’s been to and you haven’t bought a copy yet, you can catch it in the comfort of your own home on the Knowledge Network this week! It will […]

  • Adorable Things My Nephew Says

    Two-and-a-half year olds are hilarious. That’s how old my nephew is and he is a ball of energy and says the most hilarious things1. There are some things that he says a lot, such as “Be careful”, “I’ll be careful”, “What happened?”, and “Can I eat it?” He’ll tell you to be careful if you […]

  • Dumb Ways To Die

    This song is totally stuck in my head, which may or may not be due to my nephew wanting to view this video over and over and over again: And playing the video game.

  • Turbo – Movie Review

    Beware: There will be spoilers! One of the things I’ve been doing while on vacation at my sister’s place is catching up on movies that I haven’t watched because I’ve been dedicating all my time to school in the last two years1. One such movie was Turbo, about a snail who loves car racing and […]

  • WTF is going on in the apartment across the street from me?

    This happens in the apartment across the road from me every night: The lights flash on and off over and over and over again for several minutes. Then the flashing slows down and stops and the lights stay on after that. Sometimes you can see someone walking around in there when this happens and sometimes […]

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