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  • 2020 Wrap Up

    I was intending to write this posting, along with the other two I posted earlier today, last evening after I finished watching the World Juniors Canada vs. Finland game on Zoom with my friends, Cath and Mel. Except that we had so much fun watching that game that we continued on Zoom to watch the […]

  • Goals for 2020 – The Final Check In

    Let’s see how I did on my goals for 2020, remembering that the only meaningful goal for 2020 end up being to survive. Anything beyond that is gravy! The ones I accomplished! I’ve KonMari’ed all the bathroom stuff (including toiletries, make-up, and towels). I’ve KonMari’ed all the kitchen stuff.  6. I’ve made 20 new foods and/or beverages that I’ve […]

  • Goal Crushed: Made 60+ New Foods/Drinks in 2020

    Given that cooking was a common pandemic activity, I completely crushed my goal of making 20 foods or drinks that I had never made before. Instead of just 20, I made 62 new foods/drinks this year! Because of this, this blog post is ridiculously long (I’ve been working on it for a week!). You may […]

  • Home Improvements

    2020 was a year for home renos for many people. For those who were lucky enough to keep their jobs and who usually spend a bunch of money on travelling, sprucing up the old homestead seemed like a good way to spend the money that would otherwise have gone to flights and hotels. Plus people […]

  • Stabbing Myself For Science!

    So I signed up to be in a study where you send a blood sample in the mail and they test your blood for antibodies to COVID-19. I signed up for it eleventy billion years ago, but there were delays in actually sending the kits because supply chain. Honestly, I did not expect that supply […]

  • On the third day of donating…

    Aunt Leah’s Place supports youth who are “aging out” of the foster care system at 19 years of age, as well as helping mothers keep custody of their children. Aunt Leah’s Place helps prevent children in foster care from becoming homeless and mothers-in-need from losing custody of their children. To support them on their journey […]

  • On the second day of donating…

    A colleague of mine started working for the BC Lung Association this year. We are in the midst of a pandemic of a respiratory virus and so lungs seem rather important right now. Thus, I decided to choose this organization for today’s donation. The BC Lung Association does all sorts of things related to healthy […]

  • On the first day of donating…

    This year has been hard for everyone and some people and organizations have been hit harder than others. I’ve been extremely fortunate that I’ve been able to keep my job throughout the pandemic and that I have a safe, warm place to sleep every night – and to shelter in when pandemic responses calls for […]

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 30 – Sunset

    Since I started working from home, which I believe was 18,000 months ago, I’ve tried to enjoy a walk after work to mark the distinction between my day job work and my evening (which may or may not involve working on my various other jobs), as well as to get some steps in so that […]

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 29 – My First Book Review

    I just got the official word yesterday that my first ever book review has been accepted for publication in a journal! Woohoo! I started to do this book review in the Before Times, but then the apocalypse happened and I completely missed my deadline. But, you know, apocalypse. So the journal editors let me submit […]

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