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  • February is a garbage month

    I have a new hypothesis and that is that February is a garbage month. I’m accumulating evidence to support this hypothesis and let me tell you that February is really delivering. My dad died in February 2012 and ever since then, the start of February makes me feel a little down until we get past […]

  • Is This Thing On?

    So my calendar tells me that today is my 17th blogiversary so I thought it would be appropriate to write a blog posting. Apparently that’s not a thought I’ve had very often lately, as this is only my 8th blog posting THIS YEAR! That’s just slightly more than one per month, on average, which has […]

  • A bunch of random photos

    Apparently I have broken the blogging floodgates with my recent blog postings, because here I am blogging again! I recently got myself a new iPhone because the one that I had was cursed. It was also old and slow and its battery was crap and it was constantly too full so I was always having […]

  • Happy 15th Blogiversary to Me!

    Somehow, I have been blogging for 15 years. Not sure how that’s possible, but given that in these pandemic-y times a month seems like a year, maybe I’ve only been blogging for 15 months? Who knows, really? It is impossible to tell. Despite my long and storied blogging career, it has come to my attention […]

  • Random, Rambling Thoughts

    I know I say this every year – even years without pandemics – but how the hell is the year half over? The year seems to be flying by, especially given that March was three years long. I recently finished teaching a summer intersession course at SFU. “Intersession” is Latin from “cram a 12 week […]

  • How Is It The Middle of August Already??

    As Albert Einstein once didn’t say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Here are some examples from my life of this phenomenon: Me, during the school year: I’m so busy with all the courses I’m teaching, I just don’t have time to organize my stuff/Konmari my condo/do […]

  • Truncation

    Two truncations that amused me lately: While this person was probably looking for a professional cat sitter or cat groomer, I decided not to click on that link so I can pretend that they were looking for a professional cat. This email notification was letting me know that my name in appeared in an academic […]

  • This and That

    So nearly half the year is gone. WTF? I really feel like it was January about 5 minutes ago and now it’s June! And, as I tend to do when I haven’t blogged in a while, I’m going for a bulleted list! May was cray-cray. In addition to my week in Prince George for work, […]

  • Elevators

    The elevators in my office building are very, very slow. It’s only a 7 storey building, so I’m not sure why it takes eleventy hours to get from the ground floor to the floor on which my office is located but it does. You often have to wait several minutes for the elevator and it’s […]

  • What Have I Been Doing for the Past Month – a bulleted list

    So now that I’m done making excuses for my prolonged absence from the blogosphere, here’s a brain dump of all the things I’ve thought “I should blog about that!” in the last month: I did, in fact, have that belated birthday party I talked about having. I decided that since I celebrate Bethmas Eve, Bethmas, […]

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