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  • Safety Tubes

    Earlier this year, a professional hockey player died from having their neck sliced by a skate during a hockey game. It generated a lot of talk about making neckguards mandatory – which I think they should have done ages ago. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to protect their neck in a game with […]

  • Happy 6th gymiversary to me! 

    Today marks 6 years since I joined Strong Side. I’ve blogged before about the things I love about my gym, so I won’t rehash all that. But I still love it for all the same reasons! In the past year, I managed to hit some personal records (PR). Last summer I asked for a few […]

  • Belated Halloween Posting

    I have been quite remiss about blogging lately! I remember in October thinking “I should do NaBloMoPo1 again and then somehow it’s halfway through November and I hadn’t posted2. But once I got on my blog to write a posting for my mom’s birthday, that got me thinking that I really should do a posting […]

  • My New Garmin Fitness Tracker

    Two Boxing Days ago, I bought myself a Fitbit. I really enjoyed having it for the first year – it tracked my steps, my sleep, my heart rate. So much data to play with! It gave me notifications if I got a text or a phone call, which was super handy since I usually have […]

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 4 – Hockey in a Pandemic

    Tonight I had a hockey game. I’m just playing on one team this year instead of my usual two. That’s in part because one of my two teams folded a year ago and I hadn’t gotten around to finding a new second team last season. And this year, hockey is a little different, and one […]

  • Halloween 2020

    As you may recall, I love Halloween. I especially love dressing up for Halloween. And I thought that I’d have to forgo it this year because working from home means no office costume contest and pandemic restrictions means no parties1. But then my gym came to the rescue! My gym’s Halloween costume contest has always […]

  • Champagne Gymiversary

    Three years ago today I became a weightlifter. I wasn’t particular good at it at the start- the 20 kg barbell was heavy and awkward for me to lift and my abs were never engaged when they should be and my gluts were lazy. I had to learn all the basic movements. I had to […]

  • On the first day of donating…

    I enjoyed my 12 days of giving last year so much that I’m doing it again this year! And just like last year, I’m starting with Purpose Society. The Lower Mainland Purpose Society for Youth and Families is “a community-based multi-service organization that delivers a continuum of programs to children, youth and families.” As […]

  • My First Powerlifting Competition

    So that powerlifting competition that I’ve been talking about? That happened today. For the competition, you get three attempts. You have to tell the organizers how much you plan to lift for your first attempt and after you do your first attempt, you decide what you want to do for the next one. If you […]

  • Gains

    So I’ve completed the first phase of my training for the powerlifting competition. My training consisted of working each of deadlift, back squat, and bench press to see if I could increase my theoretical 1 rep max. In the first week of this phase, I found my 3 rep max by testing out heavier and […]

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