Champagne Deathiversary

You know how your champagne birthday is the year where the day of the month of your birthday matches your age? For example, my birthday is Jan 11, so on my 11th birthday it was my champagne birthday.1 Is there such a thing as a champagne deathiversary? According to Google, there is not: So I […] →Read more

Goals for 2023

After a couple of years of being minimalist on my goals, I think it’s high time that I return to my tradition of making a giant list of goals that I may or may not actually do. But that’s OK, because as Dr. Dan says, it’s “less about the outcomes and more about the journey“. […] →Read more

2022 Year in Review

Since I barely blogged anything this year, I figured I might do a little year in review. Since my memory is terrible, I’m mostly relying on my photos and the few blog postings I did write. I had been thinking that nothing happened this year, but now that I’ve had a look at my photos, […] →Read more

New Foods & Drinks Made in 2022

Unlike my reading goals and my other goals, I actually knocked this one out of the park! My goal was to make 22 new foods and drinks goal. I started off the year slow – didn’t make a new food or drink until March! I was at my mom’s and decided to make some Montreal-style […] →Read more

Other 2022 Goals

Like my reading goal for 2022, I did pretty abysmally on all of my 2022 goals except making new foods this year (and so the new foods will get its own blog posting). In addition to reading and cooking, I had goals to: So there is my sad, sad recap of my epic failure on […] →Read more

Books and Pages Read in 2022

So I did pretty abysmally on my reading goals for 2022: Two of the books that I read are so obscure that they don’t even have a cover image in Goodreads (from which I took the above screenshot). One was a book called “It Is Was It Isn’t” by Ted Hunt, which is a book […] →Read more

On the twelfth day of donating…

And for my final day of donating, as is tradition for this blod series, I’m donating to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA). VOKRA is the cat rescue organization from which I got my beloved Watson & Crick and I’m happy to be able to support the work they do to take care of kitties […] →Read more

On the eleventh day of donating…

Providing healthy food to those in need Source: Food banks were originally set up to be a temporary measure in the 1980s, but instead have become a mainstay of how many people keep food on the table. And as the cost of living soars, more people are turning to the food bank, fewer people […] →Read more

The Trip That Never Was

I was going spend Christmas in Ontario with my family. My flight was scheduled to leave on Dec 19 at 12:05 am – I like to take the red eye from Vancouver to Toronto because then I arrive early in the morning, power through the day, and am tired by Eastern bedtime. If I take […] →Read more

On the tenth day of donating…

Last year, I adopted my beloved Ravenclaw from the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) and so I’m happy to pay that forward by donating to LAPS. Every year they care for more than 1400 animals each year and they provide support like financial assistance for emergency vet care and pet food/supplies to help families in […] →Read more