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Nerd Stats 2012

Here is a quick summary of my blog and Twitter stats for 20121:

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 % change from 2011
Blog postings: 423 357 344 380 201 -47%
Tweets: 2,227 1,815 2302 3,625 8752 -76%
Visits to my blog 32,410 45,153 44,689 60,560 63,844 +5%
Average number of blog visits per day 933. 1264 122 166 175 +5%
Busiest day on my blog: Sept 26, 2008 (460 views)5 July 25, 2009 (1,181 views)6 Feb 9, 2010 (233 views)  Oct 10, 2011 (374 views) Feb 13, 2012 (350 views)7 -6%

It’s pretty clear from the above that I was a lot less active on my blog and on Twitter this year – which is pretty much what I expected would happen once I started school. I was pleased to see that despite the decrease in blogging, I still managed to squeak out a slight increase in visits to my blog and I’m approaching my goal, as per my 101 list’s item #82 “up my blog readership to an average of 200 readers a day”8. Also, if you are so inclined, you can also check out the blogging annual report that the helper monkeys of WordPress were so kind as to compile for me.

Also, perusing through some of my old postings, I noticed that when I first started blogging my Nerd Stats for the year, I also included a list of all the books I’d read – or at least the ones I could remember – in the year. I’m sure I’m not going to remember all of them as I haven’t been tracking them, but to the best of my knowledge9, I read the following books in 201210:

  • The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
  • World War Z by Max Brooks
  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg11.
  • Mortality by Christopher Hitchens
  • The Happiness Project by Gretchn Rubin
  • Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  • Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • Flashforward by Robert J. Sawyer
  • Your Brain at Work by David Rock


  • Financial Accounting in an Economic Context by Jamie Pratt
  • Corporate Finance by Berke et al
  • Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour by Langton et al
  • Managerial Economics (Custom Edition)
  • Management Ethics by Bowie & Werhane
  • plus countless journal articles and course notes!

And that, my friends, is my final blog posting for 2012! See y’all next year!

  1. To see previous years’ nerd stats postings, click the year in the table. []
  2. note to self: You started Tweeting in 2008, so you get these totals by simple subtraction, not by some fancy pants program or anything. I hope this helps you when you write your “Nerd Stats 2013” posting when you think “how the hell did I figure out how many times I tweeted in a given year??” []
  3. not sure why this value is not equal to the number of visits to my blog divided by 365 days. Probably some some of rounding error []
  4. ibid []
  5. thanks to the Hockey Hotties posting []
  6. thanks to the Blogathon! []
  7. This makes me sad, because the posting that drew this attention was my dad’s obituary. []
  8. Which should really say “views” per day, not readers, as the blog stat tracking thingy tracks viewers, not individual readers. []
  9. Where “my knowledge” = anything I wrote about on my blog, is sitting on my bookshelf that I can see and remember that I read, and was recorded by my e-reader. []
  10. In no particular order. And for the textbooks, I didn’t read all of them from cover to cover – just the required chapters []
  11. In progress. []


Reviewing My Goals for 2012

Just one day left in the calendar year, so it’s time to check in on how I did on my 2012 goals. (Note to self: I really should check in on my goals list before day 3651, so that I can actually do something about the ones I’m slacking on before it’s too late.) Anyhoo, let’s tally the score!

2012 Goals Achieved(y/n) Excuse
score 12 points on one of my hockey teams N This was not a well thought out goal, as I have missed the lion’s share of my hockey games this year thanks to school2. Moreover, since these are calendar-year goals but the hockey season crosses calendar years, I had to try to sort through which goals were scored in which calendar year. By my calculations, in 2012, on the Blazing Blades I scored a measly 4 points (2 in 7 games3 I’ve played this season and 2 at the end of last season4 ), but for the Snipers, I can’t actually tell how many I scored in 2012, as that league doesn’t give me the breakdown of when points were scored in previous seasons. Regardless, I didn’t come anywhere near 12 points even if you added my points on both teams together, so we can chalk this goal up as an epic fail.
go to 24 yoga practices N I actually haven’t a clue how many yoga classes I’ve gone to this year, since it appears that I neglected to track them (d’oh!). I know that I’ve gone to six yoga classes on the Groupon that I got for the yoga studio near my apartment – because they use the old-school passes where they just write in the box on a little card every time you attend a class. But I have no idea how many times – if any – I went to the old hot yoga studio near my old place, because the pass there is the kind that’s just a barcode that you scan when you go in, so I can’t see how many classes I’ve used on that one. I’m reasonably certain, however, that I didn’t go to anywhere near 24 practices, though I have been doing some yoga-like stretching on my own time.
run 240 km Y This one I solidly accomplished, putting in 295.51 km – and nearly 37 hours(!) – of running in 2012!
knock 24 items off my 101 list of things to do in 1001 days N Yet another fail! I managed to knock 7 items off the list – a mere 29% of my goal!
run in 3 races 2 out of 3 One zombie obstacle course race. One half marathon. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.
make $100,008 Y If you count my scholarship – which I totally do – then I finally surpassed the $100K mark. Granted, a huge chunk of that now goes to pay for tuition, textbooks and various other school-related bric-a-brac, but still – goal accomplished!

So, there you have it. I succeeded in 2.67 of my 6 goals5!  But given that I spent 735.62 hours on school6 and I published a textbook in 2012, I’m OK with this.

Next up, a posting about my goals for 2013!

  1. I nearly wrote day 364, but then I remembered that this year was a leap year! []
  2. One of my teams plays only on Sundays and I have class roughly every third Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm. I can play if games are ~6:30 pm or later on class days, but this season in particular, games on class days all seemed to have been smack in the middle of class time. []
  3. One of which I actually got in today’s game! []
  4. I had a total of 8 points in 2011/12, but only 2 were in 2012. []
  5. Which is actually better than I did last year. []
  6. Which, if you are interested, works out to 30.65 DAYS – or 8% of the year – at a ratio of 1.33 hrs of homework for every 1 hour of class! []


2012 Year-in-Review

Just under a year ago, I wrote my 2011 year-in-review posting about what a great year I had. Little did I know that just 17 days later we would get the news that my dad had a brain tumour and that less than a month after that, he would be gone. Losing my dad has overshadowed everything for me this year – I think about him every single day. As if to highlight death in my life, the universe decided that this year my family should also lose two frogs1, a cat2, and a bunny3. It feels kind of strange to write a blog posting reviewing the year when everything else seems so minor by comparison, but then, life does go on no matter how sad one is.

January marked my return to school, which has taken up a great deal of my time this year. February, my dad died. In March, I moved, I went to Ottawa for a business trip (and added a side trip to visit my family while I was in Ontario), and I got my braces off. In April, my mom, my sister, and my nephew came to visit me. A quick scroll through my blog postings for May revealed that there wasn’t a heck of a lot going on – I’m going to have to guess that means I was super busy at school. June was a month from hell, school-wise, with an insane amount of exams and assignments. July, not unlike, May, was rather unremarkable, but in August I ran from zombies, visited some wineries, and acquired some frogs. September was unremarkable, other than the fact that every single blog posting title that month ended in the word “it“. October marked the completion of my 7th half marathon, and also involved a trip to Montreal and Toronto, and saw me risk my life in the form of the CN Tower Edgewalk. The most important event of November was the completion of the core part of the MBA program, while the highlight of December has to be the fact that I published a freaking textbook!

Other highlights of the year:

Writing this blog posting has reminded me – not that this is much of a surprise – that school has really dominated my life of late, but I haven’t actually written much about it, save for a few blog postings about how much bloody time I spent on school. Being so busy with school hasn’t left me much time to reflect on it and when I did get time, the last thing I’ve felt like doing is thinking about school! But I think I feel a blog posting forming in my mind about my reflections on a year of school. Maybe even before the end of 2012!

Image Credit: Posted on this site with a Creative Commons license.

  1. My frog, Rocky, and my niece’s frog, Bob. []
  2. My sister’s family’s cat, Pakita. []
  3. My mom’s bunny, BB. []


2011 Year-In-Review

2011 - A Year in Photos BeginsIn the last few weeks, I’ve heard a lot of people lamenting how terrible 2011 has been. Just last night when I was out for dinner, I overheard the people at the next table describing 2011 as a “black cloud” and hoping that 2012 will bring some better luck. And I do know some people who have suffered awful tragedies in 2011 – the loss of loved ones at far too young an age or loved ones in terrible accidents that will mean a long and slow convalescence into 2012. But somehow I managed to not only avoid the back luck that so many seemed to have this year, it was actually a really amazing 365 days for me1.

Off the top of my head, I can think of several amazing things that happened for me in 2011:

But scrolling through my blog postings for the year, I see even more cool things happened this year. I started the year off with my first ever Polar Bear Swim. I picked up a new fun class to teach in January. I gave my first and second invited guest lectures (at Vancouver Island University and the University  of Guelph, respectively). I learned that I’m a fire dragon! I was featured in a hard hitting news story about eating at pubs during hockey playoffs. I ran an 8 km and a half marathon and bought a shiny new bike. I wrote what I consider to be one of my best blog postings ever. Becoming an unvegetarian lead to a number of firsts for me, including cooking my first turkey and my first steak. I also made my first ever appearance on a podcast.
I made it over to Vancouver Island in February, but then didn’t make any other trips in 2011 until June, but after that, I was traveling in every single month of the year: Ottawa/Gananoque/Toronto in June, Oregon in July/August, Edmonton in September, Victoria in October, Ottawa/Montreal in November, and Vancouver Island again in December.

And tonight I’m off to ring in the new year with some friends and an endless supply of margaritas! Here’s hoping that everyone has a fabulous 2012!

Image Credit: Posted by Jackson Carson on Flickr.

  1. Lest you think I don’t know how bad a bad year can be, we only need to look back to 2006! []


Goals for 2012

I’m feeling in a creative mood, so I’m going to try to set my 2012 goals1 by making them all have something to do with 12 or multiples of 12. I’m very aware that I’m going to be hellabusy in 2012 with that whole school thing starting, so I’m trying to set my goals for be reasonable given my limited time, yet still a bit of a challenge to help me make sure I’m doing things that I really should be doing.

  • score 12 points on one of my hockey teams – I was going to put 12 goals, but seriously, who am I kidding?
  • go to 24 yoga practices – that’s just about one every other week, which should be doable
  • run 240 km – that averages out to less than 5 km per week and since 5 km is my basic “I’m going out for a run” distance, I should be able to get that done, right?
  • knock 24 items off my 101 list of things to do in 1001 days – I’m thinking I should be able to do #1, 2, 4, 15, 16, 17, 24, 25, 51, 92, 98, and 99 should be easy ones to tackle
  • run in 3 races – OK, so this one isn’t a multiple of 12, but it is a divisor of 12 and I’ve decided that’s good enough because there’s no way in hell that I’m going to be able to run in 12 races! I’m already planning to do the 8km race at the BMO Vancouver International Marathon and the zombie obstacle course race in August, so I really just need to find one other one to do and I’ll be golden on this one
  • make $112,000$100,008 – Sure I’ve put “make $100,000” on my list of goals in both of the past two years and failed miserably *and* I will have zero time to do any extra freelance work, but I figure that I should get to count my scholarships as part of “making” money, so this one isn’t as completely far fetched as it might sound. I’ll have to come up with some creative way to actually reach it, but “aim high” is what I always say, right?

And that, my friends, is six goals and six is a divisor of 12 and that’s just about all the nerdery I can handle in this blog posting. Now here’s hoping that I actually remember these goals at some point before December 28, 2012.

  1. See goals from 2010 and 2011. []