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Nerd Stats 2014

Here is a quick summary of my blog and Twitter stats for 2014, in delightful Google spreadsheet form:

My blogging and tweeting stats are continuing their downward trend, which is not at all surprising, given that my blogging was very inconsistent this year. Case in point, I only blogged twice in the entire month of November – and I didn’t even remember that November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) – the month when I usually blog every day- until the past few days when I was writing up my year in blog postings! Ah well, apparently I was having too much fun this year to spend my time blogging! And it’s quality over quantity, right?

Also, if you are interested, you can also check out my blogging annual report from WordPress.


2014 – Year in Review

Just had a look at last year’s “Year in Review” blog posting for inspiration for this year’s “Year in Review” blog posting and saw that I ended last year’s “Year in Review” blog posting with: “I feel like I need to start making some plans for something epic for 2014!” I had been commenting on how my 2013 was basically one amazing trip, but everything else was just lots of school1. Well, I didn’t actually plan a bunch of epic things for 2014, but they just sort of happened2.

I started the year off by completing my MBA, which had been my primary focus for the past two years. In fact, I got word that my final paper was accepted – meaning my MBA was 100% complete – on my birthday! That was a pretty spectacular birthday present and a great start to my year!

Then I got my kitties, the awesomest kitties to ever have kittied. They are cute, smart, funny, and very loving and they make me happy every day.



Other epic occurrences included my MBA graduationbuying a condo, and getting an amazing new job. And then, as if all that epicness weren’t enough, in July I met an amazing new guy. Like 100% made of  awesome. You may have noticed him on such blog postings as this race and this race. And he makes me happy every day!

And while minor by comparison to the above, I also won a hockey championship (and came within one game of winning the summer season championship too!) and ran a total of 5 races3, including achieving my second best ever half marathon time in Hollywood and my personal best 10 km at the Rock’n’Roll Vancouver. I worked on a successful political campaign, improved my hockey game by taking lessons and started salsa lessons. I’ve also started on a top secret project with a friend of mine that I’m hoping with turn into something awesome, but that will be revealed in due course.

So, long story short, 2014 = best year ever… so far. I’m anticipating 2015 will be pretty epic too!

  1. And work, which I didn’t even mention, basically because it was just status quo. []
  2. Well, except for finishing my MBA. That was definitely planned. []
  3. Hollywood Half Marathon, BMO Vancouver Marathon’s 8 km race, the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon, the Night Race 10 km, and the Rock’n’Roll Vancouver10 km []


Themes for 2014: Reflection, Mindfulness, and Biking to Work

In addition to my 2014 goals, I decided to have some themes for this year. Themes are the new black.


During the past two years while I’ve been in school (in addition to working full-time at a job that requires lots of brain work), something I’ve had precious little of has been time. I’ve worked deadline to deadline at breakneck speed and when I had a break from classes (like Christmas or this past August), the last thing I wanted to be thinking about was, well, anything. But the thing is, stopping to reflect on the stuff you learn helps you retain it. At least I think I learned that somewhere, but I didn’t stop to reflect on it, so I might be retaining it wrong. At any rate, in 2014 I want to spend more time in reflection.


"Mindful meditation has been discovered to..." [@dailyshoot #ds673]My sister has recently been immersing herself in the research surrounding mindfulness, which is about being aware and attentive to the present moment, noticing your thoughts and experiences in a non-judgemental way1. Since my sister and I talk all the time, this means that *I* am becoming versed in the science of mindfulness. I’m already a proponent of mindful eating and I’d like to spend time in 2014 being more mindful in other aspects of my life2.

Riding My Bike to Work

Ever since I moved to my new office, I’ve had grand plans  to start biking to work. It’s a good biking distance from my home – 7.5 km – and my office building has a locked room in the parkade in which to lock your bike and there are showers at the office gym. I have a sweet bike that I really like. I did a test run on a weekend day back in the summer and the bike paths to get from my place to work are reasonable, though would be a bit dark in places if you went before sun up or after sundown, and it doesn’t take that much longer than when I drive or Skytrain3. So a lot of the pieces are in place, but I still haven’t quite managed to actually bike to work yet. Excuses include: I don’t have a rack and pannier to carry my stuff4, I don’t have proper rain gear, and it’s too dark in the morning when I go to work and in the evening when I go home. Well, it’s time for me to do something about the first two excuses – and the last excuse is fixing itself day by day. For Christmas, my mom gave me money for a pannier and Sarah & Dave gave me money for sports-related paraphernalia as well, so I need only get off my butt and head to the store to purchase the gear I need to make biking to work a reality! It’s still a little too dark out in the morning when I go to work, but the days are getting longer now, so I’m confident that I can get going on this one soon.

So, there you have it folks, three themes for the new year. I’ll be sure to report back on how I do with these!

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  1. Please correct me if I’m wrong on that. []
  2. And, yes, I do realize that my first theme is about looking back and the second one is about being in the moment. And, now that I think about it, setting goals is all about looking forward. But I don’t think that’s a problem – it’s all about finding balance. []
  3. Driving/Skytraining is about 20 minutes door to door, whereas biking is about 35 mins. But if I think of it as getting 35 mins of exercise for only 15 minutes of extra time beyond my less active forms of commuting, it’s a pretty good deal. []
  4. And when I started looking at them I got overwhelmed by trying to decide what to buy (thanks, decision fatigue!) and ended up not buying anything! []