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A Blogworthy Bethmas

Blog worthy

A “happy birthday/congrats on finishing your MBA” card from my lovely friend, soon-to-be-Dr. Martha!

Yesterday was Bethmas. Apparently I was so busy preparing and then celebrating that I never even gave you the usual Bethmas Eve greeting1. But now I’m here to give you a recap.

I decided that, since my industry project paper – i.e., the very last thing I needed to do for my MBA – was due on Jan 15, which is ever so close to Bethmas, that it only made sense to hand my paper in early and throw a big bash to celebrate both my birthday and the completion of my MBA2! I handed my paper in on Thursday, crossed my fingers that my prof wouldn’t ask for any revisions3, and then threw a party.

Because I am a Snow, I made tonnes of food because that is what Snows do when they throw a party. There was chili chicken4, mushroom puffs5, potatoes wrapped in bacon6, spinach dip, guacamole deviled eggs, 3 bean salad, chips7 and, for dessert, mocha ganache cupcakes with mascarpone cream. Suffice it to say that I spent pretty much all of the day prepping and was still decorating the cupcakes when the first guest arrived! I didn’t even have time to run to the store and had to make poor Kalev pick up ice and a loaf of sourdough for the spinach dip on his way over8.

I decided to make the house drinks related to the theme of having finished business school and this is what I came up with:

House drinks

The Suffering Bastard is a drink I found on the Internet and, since I’ve been a suffering bastard for the past two years, I figured it was appropriate. However, it’s a gin-based drink and I don’t actually like gin, so I needed a second option that *I* would actually like to drink9. I came across a drink recipe that I liked, but the name didn’t fit my theme, so I rebranded it The Leveraged Synergy and off I went. I described the Leverage Synergy as a “spiked Shirley Temple“, but then when I went to make one for Kalev, he said, “Why aren’t you putting orange juice in it? Oh right, you’re from the east!” Apparently out west, a Shirley Temple has OJ in it, whereas where I grew up, it does not (and, I’ll add the Wikipedia article does not say anything about OJ in it. And Wikipedia is always right!). So I added a third house drink – The Value Add Leveraged Synergy, which was The Leveraged Synergy, but with orange juice added.

Also, my friends are so generous that, despite the fact that it felt like there was a drink being made every minute, I ended up with significantly more alcohol than I started with by the end of the night. So I probably will have to have another party now to use up all this booze!

Also, speaking of my generous friends, Dr. Erika brought me a gift in this lovely gift bag:

Congrats on your MBAby!

Congratulations on your MBAby! Because really, giving birth to an MBA is much like having a baby. It’s painful, takes up all your time and attention, and you are sleep deprived for two years.

But honestly, the best part of my birthday was getting to spend it with so many good friends. There were friends from work and school and the other time I was in school and social media and various other people that I’ve met who ever remembers where and it was so much fun to hang out with them all for the evening. I’m a lucky girl.

And then, to put the cherry on the top of a wonderful night, after everyone left I checked my email and there was a message from my prof saying that he approved my industry project paper, no revisions needed, so I’m officially 100% done every single thing I need to do for my MBA! Best. Birthday Present. Ever!

And then today – a.k.a.Bething Day10 – I spent the day in practically non-stop exercise. First up was a 12 km run – it’s part of the running study that I’m in, but I had to do it on my own instead of with the group because I didn’t have quite enough time to do a 12 km run and then get to my early hockey game. The run was a bit of a slog, both because 12 km is a long distance to run on one’s own and because it was pouring out, so I was trying carefully not to step in too many of the deep puddles that seemed to be *everywhere*. But I got it done and had just enough time to get home, dry off, scarf down some oatmeal and then run off to my first of two hockey games. Due to the terrible flu that’s going around, we were a little bit short benched, having only 8 skaters11! But we played hard and we managed to pull out a 2-2 tie12 and I got an assist on one of our goals. And then I went home, scarfed down some leftovers, and headed back out to game #2. For this game we at least had 11 players – which seemed like a lot by comparison to game #1 – but it’s my higher division team, so the play is much faster. We had a great game – and managed a 1-0 victory! Now I’m sitting on my couch drinking tea and I fear that I might not be able to stand up again from the sheer exhaustion that has overtaken my entire body, but it’s the good kind of exhaustion. Overall, quite a successful Bething Day.

Oh yes, I also, because I’m a nerd, want to point out that last year I turned a square and this year I turned a prime number. I better make this a smashing good year, because next year’s age doesn’t have anything special about it, numerically speaking13. Given how this year is starting out, I’d have to say that I think I’ll be able to do that.

  1. Though I did tweet it. []
  2. Also known as: getting my life back! []
  3. I’d given him a much, much earlier draft in December and gotten feedback on that, so I felt like I was on the right track. []
  4. Something that I’ve never made before, so it counts towards my 2014 goal of making 14 new food items that I’ve never made before []
  5. Ibid. []
  6. Always a bit hit. []
  7. Because, omg, I love chips but they are sooo bad for you, so I never have them in the house other than when I’m having a party. Omg, chips. []
  8. Thanks, Kalev! You rock! []
  9. For the record, gin drinkers seemed to like the Suffering Bastard. []
  10. The Bethmas equivalent of Boxing Day. []
  11. Which really wasn’t what I needed on a post-party day when I had to run 12 km and play two hockey games. []
  12. So, yeah, on top of having so few players, we also went to overtime. When we scored our second goal to tie the game near the end of the third period, the ref said to me, “You guys sure want to go to overtime.” And I replied, “Yup, we don’t feel like we’ve been getting enough ice time.” []
  13. Dr. Dan, correct me if I’m wrong on that. []


Happy Bethmas Eve!

Unlike a typical year, I haven’t been yelling from the rooftops about my upcoming birthday. OK, I’ve done some yelling from some rooftops, but from much fewer rooftops that usual. I guess I’ve been a little less excited because this year I’m turning the big 3-5. How is that even possible? I certainly don’t *feel* like I’m 34 years, 364 days old. But, as I’ve said before, turning 35 is much better than not turning 35, so I best get on with celebrating it!

And I do have celebration-y type plans. Often for my birthday – or sometimes my half birthday – I’ll invite a bunch of friends out for dinner at a restaurant. But seeing as I have no weekends free this entire month, that seemed like it wouldn’t work1. Instead, I’m going out for Bethmas Eve dinner with Devon tonight and then tomorrow we’ve both taken the day off work so we can get up to some shenanigans. In fact, said shenanigning involves knocking not one, but *two* items off my 101 Things To Do List! I’ll also be seeing my friend Kim on Bethmas night and then going for a massage and dinner with Kalev for Bething Day. Which all sounds like a pretty fabulous Bethidays to me!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to enjoying my last day as someone in her early thirties!

  1. Though now that I think about it, I might do that for my half birthday, since I don’t have any classes in July! []


Happy Graduation to Kalev And Various Other Things Of A Celebratory Nature

Congratulations to Kalev, who graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology today!  He now has a “B.A.” to join the “B.Sc.” after his name.   I went to his grad ceremony today and I have absolutely no photos of it to show you since I took photos on his camera instead of mine. D’oh!  I can however, show you this photo of his present:

IMG_4878 by you.

Special thanks to the Twitterverse, who answered my “where do I get chocolate letters?” tweet with many, many responses that it is the Dutch who love them some chocolate letters and, more specifically, that Dutch Girl Chocolates on Commercial Drive1 is the place to be.  I’d previously found chocolate letters at Chocolate Arts on W. 4th, but they only had milk chocolate ones and everyone knows that milk chocolate is for suckers. Also, they charge $100 million per letter.  Dutch Girl’s were much more reasonably priced and they had them in dark chocolate.  Yay!

Oh yeah, and what’s wrapped up in the present is this. Because Kalev is off to grad school in September. I think he wants to get the M.A. and the Ph.D. just so he can have more chocolate letters!

Also of a celebratory nature today was my going away lunch at work. Most of my coworkers are away at a conference in Kelowna tomorrow and Friday and my last day is Monday, but I’ll be out of the office at events most of that day, so today was really my last day in the office when most people were going to be there.  So we all had lunch together and my boss and another manager both said a lot of very nice things about me. And I got a card that everyone signed that was really cool because everyone wrote very thoughtful things – quite a reminder of all the good friends I’ve made there.  And then we ate this ridiculously delicious chocolate cake from Capers:

IMG_4877 by you.

And the final thing worth celebrating was this wicked awesome parking spot2 I got at work today:

IMG_4876 by you.

There is *very* limited free parking around the perimeter of the site where I work. *Very* limited. And whenever you try to park there, there are always these spots between cars that are just a teeny tiny bit to small to park a normal car in (it’s what my one coworker calls “asshole parking”).  In the past, everytime I saw an example of asshole parking I would think, “I bet you could fit a Smart Car in there!”  And now I know that you can!

1Dave, I thought of you when I drove up Commercial Drive. I didn’t see any hippies there. But, on a related note, the valedictorian at the grad ceremony WASN’T WEARING SHOES!!
2Yes, I was so pleased with the parking spot that I actually took a *photo* of it!