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A PSA From My Goalie

At my hockey game today, my goalie was showing off her shiny new blue tooth headset.  Which she bought because she got a warning for driving while talking on her cell phone, something that was made illegal in BC as of Jan 1, 2010. You are allowed to talk on your cell while driving so long as it’s hands-free (either headset or speaker phone), takes only one touch to answer and is secured to your car.  And no texting or emailing is allowed.

So, folks, take it from my goalie:  don’t drive and talk!


And then my head exploded…

For some strange reason, last night my phone decided that it had too much information on it and it was no longer going to be able to store said information.  So it wiped it all out.  You know, it’s only entire life in that calendar and contact list. No big deal, right?

Mercifully, I had it all in my Palm Pilot desktop software, so I exported both my calendar and my contact list so I’d have a back up copy in case synching my phone wiped it out.  Synching didn’t wipe it out on my desktop softare, but it also didn’t fix my problem – I still got the “there isn’t enough room on your phone for your data” error message and nothing on my phone. So I reinstalled the software, which managed to wipe out the calendar & contact list.  No biggie, I have the backups that I exported, right?  Except that when I try to import those backups, it says the file type is not compatible.  You know, the file I exported from Palm Desktop software earlier in the evening is not compatible with Palm Desktop software. Because that makes so much sense.

I blame the spiders.

So, does anyone have any ideas on how I can make my freakin’ phone work properly again??  I mean, it still functions as a phone (for the moment, anyway) and despite the fact that it has wiped out my contact list, speed dial still remembers the names and numbers of the people on speed dial, but I really freakin’ need my calendar and contact list!!