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Blazing Blades – 2016 Champions!

Sunday marked the triumphant return of my Coquitlam hockey team, the Blazing Blades, to the status of Div 1 champions! You may recall that it 2014 we won the coveted trophy. Last year we did not, but this year we had our strongest season ever, going 21-3-1 in the regular season. We went 2-1 in the first round of the playoffs, which was a round robin, which was good enough to get us to the finals to face the Ringers, the only team who had beat us in round 1.

Lining up for a face off during the championship game

A photo from the game of us lining up for a face off in our end. I’m the one on the right of the photo – you can tell it’s me because (a) I’m shorter than everyone else and (b) my signature braids.

When all was said and done, the final score was 3-0 for us, and so the trophy is back in our hands!

Blazing Blades 2016 Div 1 Champs

The Blazing Blades – the Women’s League Div 1 Champions for 2015-16!

Isn’t the trophy pretty? And just like the Stanley Cup, players get to take the cup home for a week. I can’t wait to get my week – I’m going to take it in to work to show it off!

Blazing Blades championship celebration 2016

The cup

Of course, no victory celebrate would be complete without a drink from the trophy!

Blazing Blades championship celebration 2016

All in all, it was a great season – I’m really lucky to get to play with such a fun and talented group of women!

Tig Beth Ellen

On the left is game MVP, Tig (she scored 2 of our 3 goals, including the game winner) and on the right is team captain & coach, Ellen.


Hockey Champions For the Second Year In A Row!

hockeylogo by you.We won our hockey playoffs this weekend!  Not only that, but we *swept* the playoffs – winning all four of our games!  Not only that, but we faced off against our arch nemesis team in the final and we won! 1-0. On a shorthanded goal.  No really.

We’d finished third out of four teams during the season so, unlike when we won playoffs last year, we weren’t the favourites to win. But the division was fairly evenly matched this season1, so we went in knowing that it really was anyone’s playoffs to take.

Playoffs involve each team playing each other team during the weekend and the two teams that come out on top face off in a winner-takes-all final on Sunday afternoon.  Our first game was yesterday morning against the 4th place team, which we won 4-12.  Last night we played the second place team – our arch nemesis team.  We beat them, 1-0… in overtime.  The game was pretty rough and we came damn near to having a brawl at one point3, but the main thing was putting the puck in the net with about one minute left in OT to win the game and secure our spot in the final. This morning’s game was against the first place team and it was a close one, but in the end we came out ahead, 3-2. And speaking of heads, mine got slammed against the ice4 when someone took me out in front of the net after the whistle. She got a penalty and I got a headache.

The final game was this afternoon and, well, you know how that ended. Shorthanded goal, of all things.  And now we savour the sweet, sweet victory!

1More evenly matched than I think the standings showed.
2I would like to point out that for two of our four goals I was in my office, doing my special brand of annoying the hell out of the goalie.
3Much to the amusement of the growing number of people who stopped to watch our game when it became apparently how rough things were getting.
4It totally freaked me out when I felt the back of my head hit the inside of my helmet and I popped my head up right away. It was like my brain was saying if you get your head off the ice, then you didn’t really hit it! Considering that our goalie got knocked out for the season with a grade 2 concussion when she was run over (while she was in net) by someone from – you guessed it – our arch nemesis team and her head slammed to the ice, I’ve been paranoid all day that my brain is injured.