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You can’t spell “fundraising” without C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E

OK, maybe you can. But you shouldn’t, really.

As you know, I’m currently raising money for Cystic Fibrosis Canada as part of the Longest Game of Hockey for CF. (Speaking of which, have you donated yet?)

Well, in addition to asking all y’all to donate, my friend Kim, who has decided to join me in playing this crazy 10-day long hockey game, came up with the brilliant idea of making chocolates to sell as a fundraiser! But not just any kind of chocolates. Oh no, these are very special chocolates, as they are chocolates in the form of hockey sticks and pucks!

Since Kim and I will be staffing a booth at the Non-Profit Expo at the Northern Voice conference on Saturday, we figured that would be a good place to start selling such chocolates! And thus, on Sunday, we spent the afternoon making them!

We started out with 8 kgs of chocolate – some dark, some milk, and even some white1:


And not just any chocolate. Callebaut chocolate. Mmm, Calleabautlicious!


Look at how freaking creamy and delicious that looks when it’s melted down:


Next we poured it into the molds2:


And after some chillin’, we got these babies:


And then repeat that 64 times!

Here is just a part of what we ended up making (there were more in Kim’s downstairs freezer):


So, if you are going to be at the Northern Voice conference, be sure to stop by our booth and buy a chocolate hockey stick or ten!

If you aren’t going to be at Northern Voice, but you still want to buy a delicious chocolate hockey stick or puck (or ten), let me know. For a big enough donation, I’ll deliver them to you3.

  1. Even though everyone knows that white chocolate is not really chocolate! []
  2. Special props to Erika and Paul, who brought these molds up for us from the US of A and made a special delivery right to my office! You guys rock! []
  3. Within reason []


Chocolate Vodka

This blog posting is loooooong overdue.  Remember way back in 2010 when I went to Ontario for Christmas?  Well, one of the many, many awesome things that I did that I totally meant to blog about but then didn’t blog about because I was having way too much fun doing awesome things to be blogging was making chocolate vodka with Dr. Dan and Jeff. Seriously. Chocolate vodka.  How does one make chocolate vodka, you ask?  Well, basically, you melt 5 Mars bars and mix them with a bottle of vodka. And then you are supposed to chill it for 24 hours, but who can wait 24 hours because OH MY GOD CHOCOLATE VODKA?!!!

The recipe, in the all the intricate details, can be found at:

Here is Dr. Dan, carefully attending to the melting and the mixing:

Dan making chocolate vodka

Close up of the melting and the mixing:

Chocolate vodka in progress

Dr. Dan & Dr. Beth enjoying their chocolate vodka:

Day 184

For the record, I was coming down with what turned out to be the longest-lasting cold I’d ever had on this night – I could actually feel myself getting sicker and weaker as I made dinner while Dr. Dan and Jeff made the vodka – so I’m actually much more happy about the chocolate vodka than this picture would lead you to believe.

Chocolate vodka

Chocolate and vodka, together at last!


Workiversary Chocolate

Yesterday was my second workiversary.  I wasn’t actually in the office as I teach my class out at UBC on Thursdays, so I was on campus instead.  In lieu of yesterday, I brought in this workiversary chocolate for my co-workers today:

I just realized that I should have put something in the photo to give you a sense of the size of that bar.  Because that’s a gigantic sticky note paper I have attached to it, but with nothing in the photo for scale, that bar could be any size.  When, in fact, it was redonculously ginormous.  Like, a foot long, at least 5 inches wide and probably half and inch thick.  It was the biggest chocolate bar I’d ever seen.  And my co-workers and I polished off 3/4 of it in about a half an hour.  And there were only 5 of us on my floor today (one of whom doesn’t eat dark chocolate!).  I ate mine with my morning coffee, making it taste like mocha!

Happy workiversary to me!